Lupe Ontiveros: She even made ¡Rob! halfway watchable

10 Good Reasons Why We Love Lupe!

By Al Carlos Hernandez 
Published with permission by author.

10. She was as Good as it Gets.

9. She played a maid 150 times and played it different every time.

8. She was a trail blazer, a pioneer who should have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

7. She was so convincing as Selena’s assailant in the movie, some folks are still mad at her.

6. She should have won the Emmy for not being a Desperate Housewife.

5. She was the original Real Woman with Curves.

4. She was the mother sometimes we wish we had and the grandmother we often revered.

3. Selfless and fearless, she was an irreplaceable artist all actors should study.

2. So convincing as an alcoholic on Los Americans, thousand of viewers woke up [/i]crudo.[/i]

1. She deserves a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Oscar.

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