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By Mary Chuy

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hot is just a subjective. Hot Dads? Quien sabe!

In celebration of Father’s Day 2013, Latin Heat asked me to search out the “great Latino dads” of Hollywood… the “Hot Papasitos En Hollywood!” Yeah, I think I could manage to sacrifice myself to work on such a complicated article. Dios mio! And here I am, working so hard looking at dozens of photos of “papa-sitos”! This is pure torture! But someone has to do it.

Let me tell you chicas, this assignment was not easy either, since there are many awesome and sexy Latino Daddies out there! All of them deserve recognition because being a papa is no easy thing. Ser padre es muy duro! 

Now, girlfriends, pour yourself a cold drink, take a sip, relax and enjoy this list of Latin Heat’s Hot Hollywood Papasitos! All of them, proud papas! Like I said, Hot is in the eye of the beholder.

Esai Morales
Actor/ Activist

¡Que papasito este Papa! And, how gorgeous is the owner of his heart – Hermosa es la dueña de su Corazon — the adorable Mariana Oliveira Morales, his baby girl!

Esai’s eyes light up when he talks about his little girl… a loving dad 100%. ¡Que papa tan cariñoso!Esai+Morales+attends+Jayneoni+Moore+Pre+Oscar+luEC8a5FSrLm

Mr. Morales is also a true angel, and we love him for his humanitarian work. Recently it was announced that he is officially running for SAG-AFTRA president!  If he wins, he’d be the first Latino in SAG’s 80-year history! This talented and sexy Papi is now a family man and a very proud Papa! And, maybe in the near future, the new SAG-AFTRA President!

Fear not amigas, Esai is always accessible to his fans that absolutely adore him. I call his FB page “The Esai Daily Real News” so be sure to check it out and don’t forget to LIKE… And follow him on Twitter!


Read all about Esai’s SAG-AFTRA candidacy in Latin Heat at:

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Ricky Martin

2uimp5wzQue hermoso Papa! Te adoro Ricky Martin! Remember when my daughter and I ran into you at New York’s Times Square? OK, maybe it was more of us chasing you for a photo? Of course you do! Those were fun times! And now you are an awesome Daddy!

Tus hijos Matteo and Valentino son adorables! And you know what I adore most about you? ¡Tu labor humanitario! A true humanitarian… a Hot Dad who is a tremendo ser humano for your work with the organization Sabera y por rescatar niñas de las calles de Kolkata. Our hats off to you… Me quito el sombrero Ricky!

Tu recuerdo sigue aquí… I love this song of yours! Happy Father’s Day, Papi Chulo!

Link to Ricky Martin Foundation:
Link to Song “Tu recuerdo” :
Ricky Martin in Latin Heat:

Mario Lopez
Actor/TV Host

Extra! Extra! Hot! Hot! Hot! Man Here! 

That’s the headline if I owned a newspaper that filled its pages with sizzling men. This Daddy Chulo is, OMG! Gorgeous! ¡Hay Dios Mio esos ojitos and dimples me matan! And when Mario is pictured holding his beautiful daughter, Gia Francesca Lopez, well the photo is nothing but the sweetest eye candy ever!

Courtney+Mazza+Mario+Lopez+Family+Out+OTAm44QXAtelAnd now we hear that Mario and his lovely wife Courtney Laine Mazza are expecting their second child. Another blessing for this beautiful family… It’s hard to be jealous because Mario is such a nice guy who clearly is besotted with his wife and baby… there is nothing more but to wish him all the happiness and success he deserves for his family.

Try hard to keep calm, chicas… we can always catch Mario Lopez on his daily gig on Extra!

Check him out on Extra!:

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Richard Montoya

He’s also an intellectual. But his most important title is that of Dad. Nothing wrong with this Latino… and he makes us laugh… a dangerous combination for women like me… ¡No esta nada mal este muchacho he! Any man who can make me laugh, wins my corazón! However, Richard sealed our admiration and respect after he became a proud papa.Richard Montoya Mountain

Like I said, I love a man who can make me laugh! Happy is the new sexy! This Hot New Papa  is very much in awe of his new hijito Mountain Montoya! Isn’t that the coolest earthy name ever?

Richard’s debut film (he wrote and directed) Water and Power we hear is hilarious. Imagine twin brothers nicked named “Water” and “Power” from the Eastside of Los Angeles… they rise up the city’s political and police ranks to become players in the L.A. political arena. Oh boy, is all I’m saying.

Let us show our support by visiting his Facebook page and don’t forget to LIKE… and read his very own DNA of funny!

Read a recent article of Richard in the Sacto Bee:

For more info on Water and Power, check out IMDB:

Richard’s Hollywood Work visit:


Edward James Olmos

Este hombre is like a glass of fine wine! Elegante, sofisticado and adored by so many.

Edward James Olmos is the proud father of six kids: Bodie, Michael D., Mico, Tamiko, Brandon and Daniela. Michael D. is one of the directors of the critically acclaimed film, Filly Brown, where his dad also co-stars. A father and son working together doing what they do best, acting and directing. Those who have witnessed Edward James Olmos interact with his kids all say that he is a loving dad whose kids have always come first. Es super amoroso con sus hijos!

Mr. Olmos is also a proud grandfather! Lucky kids! Can you just imagine what it’s like on Christmas morning at the Olmos household? Pretty awesome!

He is not only one of the most respected Latino actors in Hollywood, this SEXY hombre has a giant heart. We love you! Eddie!

Edward James Olmos web page:

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Enrique Castillo

Enrique CastilloI met actor Enrique Castillo a long time ago. Let me just say this: Not only is he a talented and respected actor, but the role most cherished and important to him is that of being father, husband and all around family man. And he’s incredible at it!

Enrique, who is best known for his roles as Montana in the 1993 Taylor Hackford film, Blood in Blood Out, and in Showtime’s award-winning series, Weeds where he is Cesar, a drug-dealing henchman, is known for his not-s0-nice characters. But nothing further from the truth… art does not imitate his life. He is a gentle, compassionate and most loving father. Personalmente, gano mi corazon in Mi Familia and Déjà vu.

I can honestly tell you that he is an amazing dad to Alma, Sol, and Karina Noelle. He has been a pillar of strength, guidance and nurturing in their upbringing. A real hands-on dad. And, you can tell because all three of his kids have grown up to be respected and talented individuals with a great sense of love of the arts and community.

I believe his three kids have had such a good upbringing because of Enrique’s exemplary example as the consummate professional and also, because of all of those heavy and scary roles he’s played on screen… probably scared the bejesus out of the kids and they always toed the straight line!

Considered one of Hollywood’s leading Latino character actor, Enrique recently finished his work in Felix Limardo’s film, Kill the Dictator/El Teniente Amado, a groundbreaking film that is the first of a slate of films under the Dominican Republic “Cinema Law.” He’s also terrific in Fanny Veliz’s indie Homebound which is currently making the film festival circuit.

The Castillo household es puro amor, abrazos y besos en esa familia!

A happily married man, sorry ladies… but not to worry because you can still enjoy one of many of his films… so fill up that tub with popcorn, sit back and let yourself float away on one of Enrique’s great film adventure.

I can’t wait for Kill a Dictator to be released! Stay tuned… Latin Heat will let you know when it is in theaters!

Don’t forget to visit his Facebook page, LIKE it and leave him a message.

Happy Father’s Day, Enrique! And thank you so much for your amazing friendship and being one of the greatest dad’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing!


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George Lopez

Who doesn’t love George Lopez? He is one of the funniest men in Hollywood! We all love the man and his humor.

Y su hija Mayan Lopez is a very lucky girl to have such a talented and funny dad. George is frequently seen with his daughter walking the red carpet at Hollywood events.

For George Lopez fans, you’ll be happy to know he is returning to TV with a new sitcom Saint George on the FX channel. According to the buzz, Saint George will reflect Lopez’s no-holds-barred comedic take on the tensions surrounding race, class, sex and family life in Los Angeles through the eyes of a man straddling two separate cultures. Yes, siree, he’s back!

Lopez is also a humanitarian as proven by the work he does through his nonprofit organization, The Lopez Foundation. His organization was established to create positive, permanent change for underprivileged children and adults confronting challenges in education and health, and so much more! Your humanitarian work has elevated you in the HOT mobile!

Happy Father’s Day, George Lopez… a multi-talented entertainer whose career encompasses television, film, standup comedy and late-night television, is worth his weight in gold!

The George Lopez foundation:

George Lopez on Latin Heat:

David Barrera

Hot Actor+ Hot Actress= Beautiful Kids!

Maria+Canals+Barrera+Premiere+Walt+Disney+q5S7yxh3mfalNo doubt about it, David Barrera is one awesome dad!

I don’t know him personally, but I can tell by all of the warm and happy faces on his FB fun page. His photos are of one happy, creative and amazing family! Y como dice el dicho: Detras de un gran Hombre is one great woman!

David is a popular television actor who has appeared in some of TV’s most popular shows. Personally, I was blown away by his recent performance in NBC’s Grimm in the “La Llorona” episode.

Congratulations Maria Canals and David Barrera! Your girls Madeleine and Bridget are so adorable! And David, you are HOT!

David Barrera FB page:

Read more on David Barrera in Latin Heat:

Marc Anthony

What a handsome and talented Daddy! Que cuantos hijos tiene? Cinco. Five. That’s how many.

Ariana, Cristian Marcus & Ryan Adrian Muñiz and twins Emme Maribel Muñiz & Maximillian David Muñiz. And according to his ex-wives, he’s a terrific dad!

What does this flaco bello have that drives us women locas? Well, aside from his amazing voice! Digo, aparte de esa voz ronca que enloquece a cualquiera!

What I do know for sure is that despite his turbulent relationships with his exes he is present in his childrens’ lives! And because he is one awesome dad, he is also very HOT! Pull out that box of Kleenex ladies, porque ahora les dejo con la cancion que Marc Anthony dedicated to his first daughter, Ariana.

Marc Anthony “My Baby You”:

Read more on Marc Anthony in Latin Heat:

Danny Trejo

Oigan chicas, de verdad! Danny Trejo no esta tan malo como en sus películas! Mr. Trejo is not a meanie like he is in his tough machismo movies! In fact, we hear he is the sweetest man you will ever meet!

He is not only talented but there is something so sexy about this man… something super special. He is ever so ¡Macho Muy Caliente! He is also the father of five children: Danny Boy, Gilbert, Danielle, Jose and Esmeralda.

Trejo is not only a loving dad but very supportive. Recently he helped his son Gilbert raise money to produce a film Snap Shoot and both act in it! Que papa tan orgulloso de su hijo, no les parece?

Danny Trejo FB page:

Read more on Danny Trejo in Latin Heat:

Rick Najera

Najera Christmas 2009 photoWow! I just read on article an Image & Style magazine about this Hot papa! Indeed, he is a “Super Dad” Quede impresionada! The way he talks about his three kids: Julian, Sonora and Kennedy – who were named after Rick and his wife Susie’s favorite California towns! Julian, CA… Sonora, CA… Kennedy Meadows in Sonora, CA… lovely quaint little places.

Rick is multi-talented but where he perfected his art is that of being a great dad! The children are adorable, funny, lovable and tender because that’s the way he is with them. All kids should be so blessed to have a dad like Rick Najera.

I can’t wait to read your new nook “Almost White,” which is due for release this coming September! Our wonderful Rick is an award-winning actor-writer-director-producer with credits in film, television and theatre. His Latino Logues were produced on Broadway. And still he finds time to advocate for pro-education legislation and programs. What a guy!

Next time I need an acting class I’m calling Rick! Oh, and maybe he can take a look at my crazy pilot idea for CBS… OK, I ask way too much.

Happy Fathers Day, Rick Najera.

Read more on Rick Najera in Latin Heat:

Link To Image& Style:

More on Rick Najera in the press:’s-day-in-the-sun/

Martin Sheen

Timeless. I describe him as elegant, handsome and a great actor! According to his sons Emilio and Charlie he’s the greatest actor on earth!Martin-Sheen-007

Martin is also father to Ramón and Renée, and honestly, I don’t know much about his personal life because he is an ultra private person. However, he has spoken publicly when it has come to his wildly popular son, Charlie Sheen. When his boy had his pubic melt down, Martin was there for him, proving he is an excellent dad. Y se merece un trofeo por eso! 

No one understands and appreciates more what he did for his son than me. I remember him saying during that period of Charlie’s life, “You have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift them up, so that’s what we do for him.”

Es usted un gran Padre! You have our great respect señor Martin Sheen. A great father standing by his children through the ups and downs of life.

Martin Sheen IMDB:

Diego Luna

diego-luna-300The names of this one hot papasito Mexicano’s children are Jeronimo and Fiona and they are as gorgeous as their dad!

Do you not agree that Diego Luna is handsome? Que guapo es verdad? Plus he’s talented and super sexy! Que cosas mas bellas crea Dios en Hollywood!

But this Hot Mexican actor has his priorities straight! And he dedicates all of his free time to his two adorable kids! Que bueno Diego Luna, Un aplauzo y que sigan los exitos en lo personal y lo profesional! Feliz dia del padre.

Diego Luna IMDB:

Read more on Diego Luna in Latin heat:

And last but not least, I would like to congratulate someone who is not a Hollywood actor, but is a Hot Italian, a good chef, great soccer player and a wonderful daddy to our three children, and grandson (Stephanie, Joey, Gaby and Mason) Happy Father’s day to my husband Joseph Mancuso! Thank you for taking care of the little ones while I was writing this article!

Also, a great big thanks to all of you for your support of our amazing Latino talent! Each time you purchase a box-office ticket or rent a DVD with one of our own talented thespians you are making it easier for more of us to be employed.

To our Hollywood dads, thanks for being such great examples of fatherhood… nothing better than your kids growing up in a healthy, secure and loving environment.

To all the father’s, family, friends and everywhere… Happy Father’s Day – Feliz Dia de los Padres a todos!

See you next time on my next Hot List of Latinos working in Hollywood!

Viva Papasitos en Hollywood 2013!



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