Kevin Alejandro on His Role in Lucifer and Directing

By Bel Hernandez

In FOX’s  Lucifer, Kevin Alejandro’s character Det. Dan Espinoza survives his marriage falling apart, Lucifer’s insults, his reputation as a cop, and not knowing he is dealing with the devil himself, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and he’s loving it — and so are the fans.

Born in Weslaco, Texas, Alejandro moved to L.A. to pursue his acting career after being encouraged by a college professor.  In 2000, he used the money he made after producing a play, to gas up, and then embarked on the long road to stardom.   As most actors do, when he first got to L.A. he worked odd jobs, heating and air, car detailing and any manual labor he could find the would give him the flexibility to make his auditions.  Then he landing his first regular gig as an actor on the Young & The Restless.

However, Alejandro’s big break came when he was cast as the Hilda Suarez’s (Ana Ortiz) “baby daddy” on ABC’s Ugly Betty.  He made an impression on Hollywood and several series regular rolled in, among them fan favorites Southland on NBC, and as Jesús Velásquez in the supernatural thriller True Blood.

L-R: Kevin Alejandro and Tom Ellis (Lucifer)      Photo: John P Flexor/FOX

Many a millennial has followed Alejandro from series to series, where he has appeared in the hottest shows on TV, Lucifer being the hottest in more ways than one.

What makes the Fox series Lucifer a fan favorite is that it is a unique police procedural comedy-drama about the devil coming down to work with the LAPD and it is devilishly executed.  What makes Alejandro a stand out in the series is the charm and ease with which he plays his character in spite of all the blows that come his way.

We recently sat down with Alejandro to talk about his role in Lucifer and venturing out into the directing arena.

Latin Heat:  You have been playing Det. Dan Espinoza for three seasons.  What would you say is his best quality?

Kevin Alejandro:  I find it’s his sense of humor.  It’s great to be able to play a character for a long period of time.  It gives you the opportunity to find his humor and his awkwardness.  It is the character I have had the chance to play the longest and it’s one of my favorites.

LH: What do you think attracts the young viewers to Lucifer?

KA:  It’s a show that allows them enjoy the escapism, they get involved in the story and also that is not just another procedural cop story.

LH: What did your family think of you starring along side the “devil”?

KA: Religion was a big part of my live.  My family was baptist and then converted into catholicism.  When I was first cast in Lucifer, I remember going home and my friends would say ‘I can’t believe you’re doing a show about the devil.  Now they watch it and love it.  However, if this part would have come up when I was younger, my parents would not have let me even watch it!

LH:  You are now expending your creativity to behind the camera.  You are now directing.  Tell me about that.

KA: Yeah, I have directed a couple of short film that you can watch on you  Based on those short films I tried out for the Warner Brothers  Emerging Film Directors Workshop and was accepted.

LH:  And now I hear you will be directing an episode of Lucifer?  When do you make your television directing debut?

KA:  Yes, I’m excited. I “shadowed” the directors on Lucifer all last season, and now I finally get to direct an episode, in February.  It’s fast paced, I get eight days of preparation, eight shoot days and four days of editing,  I am on cloud nine  right now.  I am so honored they trust me,  I have a great relationship with the cast and crew and I really look forward to it.

Another milestone for Alejandro and another reason to tune in to Lucifer!  

Lucifer is based upon the characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg for Vertigo, from DC Entertainment.

Lucifer airs on Mondays 8/7c

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