Jenni Rivera’s TV Bio-Pick Moves Forward In Spite of Lawsuit

Almost a year after her dead, a bio-pic of Mexican singer Jenni Rivera was announced.  At that time there were no specifics, only that Jenni’s own daughter, Janney Marin AKA Chiquis would be playing the role of her deceased mother.  Rosie Rivera, Jenni’s sister and executor of the Jenni Rivera Estate was on board with the casting and the bio-pic announced in 2013.

In May of 2014 another Jenni Rivera TV series was announced by Univision, this one was being developed by Rivera’s former manager, Pete Salgado, whom the late singer often referred to as her brother.

Jenni Rivera was a Mexican-American superstar singer, who sold over 20 million records during her 20 year career. Before he death she was busy was extending her brand having done several season of her very own reality show I Love Jenni on the cabler Mun2.  When she died in a plane crash in late 2012, Jenni had first feature film role had yet to premiere.  She did an impressive role of an addicted mother in Michael Olmos’ indie Filly Brown (the film that lunched Gina Rodriguez’s career).  She had also just signed a deal with ABC  to star in her own ABC sitcom, simply titled Jenni.  Tragically, she passed away in a plane crash, but her legacy lives on through her music, he charity foundations and now in the bio-pic.

There is now a court injunction filed by the Rivera Estate to stop the Univision TV series which has already been shot and is set to air early 2017.  Superior Court Judge Michael Raphael recently turned down the proposed injunction that would have stopped the series from airing.  However, the Rivera estate claims the TV series would be divulging personal and business information deemed private and that would infringe on the NDA Salgado had signed with Jenni Rivera. The ruling will enable the series Su verdadero nombre era Dolores (Her Real Name Was Dolores) to premiere in January.  However, further ruling on the case will be heard on February 27, 2017.

In the meantime Salgado is refrained from engaging or disclosing any information related to the specified business and personal affairs of Jenni Rivera cited by the Estate.  It also extends to her Rivera’s immediate family, sister Rosa A. Rivera FloresJaquelin Campos, Jenika Lopez, Juan Lopez, Trinidad Marin, or Janney Marin  (Chiquis).

The Univision series, Su verdadero nombre era Dolores (Her Real Name Was Dolores) was developed and produed by Salgado and Latin World Entertainment Holdings.  The Rivera Estate had also announced their own bio-pic back in 2014, about the same time as Univision.  At that time they has also announced the early development of a film and music-base series and touting Jenni’s daughter as the actress to play her mom.  There has not been much heard about these project since then.

Luz Ramos as Jenni Rivera on Univision’s TV bio pic

The Univision TV series has Mexican actress Luz Ramos portraying Rivera and have released photos of the transformation of the actress into the singing icon.  The series is scheduled to premiere on January 15th on Univision.

Salgado is represented by Howard King; the producers are represented by Martin Singer, Andrew Brettler and James Sammataro; and Jenni Rivera Enterprises is represented by Bert Deixler and Robert Dugdale.

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