Jenni Rivera Undocumented Fans Excluded From Memorial


Hundreds of Banda Fanatics Are Undocumented Immigrants With No Photo I.D. Or Credit Card

LiveNation, company handling the tickets for singer Jenni Rivera’s memorial at the Gibson Amphitheatre have come under fire for only selling tickets online which requires a credit card and to pick up the tickets, people must present a photo ID.

Tickets sold out the minute they became available online but LiveNation is being criticize because the online method is excluding undocumented immigrants from attending… which is Rivera’s primary fan base, lovers of the banda music genre.

The venue holds more than 6,100 people.

The LA Times reported today:

In an effort to prevent “improper” transactions, LiveNation required that those seeking seats use their credit cards to obtain a ticket for the Wednesday memorial. The tickets are free, but a $1 refundable fee was assessed. Ticketholders will be required to bring their credit cards and a matching photo ID to gain entrance.

That requirement excluded Rivera’s fans who don’t have a photo ID or credit card, said Josh Kun, associate professor at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

He tweeted his criticism Tuesday afternoon: “I have a ticket to the Jenni memorial only because I have a credit card and web access #LiveNation #CulturalFail. It’s the privatization and politicization of mourning.”

In particular, it would exclude undocumented immigrants, wrote Gabriel San Roman for the O.C. Weekly.

“This, even though Rivera’s music and life resonated with them deeply,” Roman said.

Jenni Rivera would not be pleased with Live Nation and the individual who came up with this idea.

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