Jenni Rivera Summer Gift: Her Memoir!

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“Unbreakable” Due in July 2013!


By Elia Esparza

Promoting her show I Love Jenni
Promoting her show I Love Jenni

Jenni Rivera died tragically and so young yet after her death it is discovered that she had all her affairs in order. An estate which specifically outlines about how and who is to care for her children, how her music and business dynasty is to be handled and distributed… most of us don’t even thank of that until much later in life which is a big mistake. But not our beautiful banda diva, it was as if she had a premonition she was not going to live a long life. And, so it was so that at age 43, she perished in a horrific plane crash last December.

And, if getting her affairs in order weren’t enough, she also has left an unexpected gift to her legions of fans – a memoir she completed before her death.

The book, titled Unbreakable, will be published in both English and Spanish in July by Simon & Schuster’s Atria Books imprint, the Associated Press reports.

Rosie Rivera, the Mexican-American singer’s sister said the memoir captures her sister’s indomitable spirit.

“I miss my sister every moment, but on days that I want to feel her close, I open her book written in her own words, and feel her right next to me,” she said in a statement from Atria.

Unbreakable will allow fans to “enjoy her as we have,” she added.

Atria said the book provides “an intimate look into the heart and soul of this self-made woman, who ascended to the top of the charts against all odds, becoming a legend in a completely male dominated music category.”

We can’t wait to take a peek into a memoir that is sure to cover much of her idyllic childhood to her difficult and challenging adult life. Jenni’s book is sure to be as inspiring as the lyrics to her famous songs.

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