Jenni Rivera Family Prepares for Public Funeral, Tribute

By Elia Esparza

The singer’s vigil at her mother’s home in Lakewood, CA


Exclusive Update:

LOS ANGELES  – Jenni Rivera’s funeral will feature a Long Beach Sports Arena memorial.  The Jenni Rivera funeral will be supplemented with a Long Beach Arena public memorial on December 19, 2012 from 9 am to noon, as is being reported. 

The last thing Jenni Rivera’s family ever thought they be doing this week was preparing for her final journey. The Mexican-American singer will be honored with a public funeral service and tribute, probably as early as Tuesday.

The “Diva of Banda” and mother of five, and head of a growing international brand empire, died December 9th when the Learjet she had rented crashed near Iturbide, Mexico. Six others, including the two pilots on board were also killed.

Jenni’s brothers escorted her remains back from Mexico last Thursday night. Lupillo Rivera tweeted on Friday, “Jenni mission accomplished, you’re home.” Her brother Juan Rivera said to the Spanish media, “Soon we will have a ceremony in which fans can say goodbye to my sister.”

Jenni’s family is making sure all of the singer’s wishes are honored which sadly were detailed in her hit song “Cuando Muere Una Dama” (When a Lady Dies), a prophetic song where she dictates what she wants when she dies… an excerpt of the gutsy lyrics:

“Pongan atención mi gente les tengo una petición,
Parecera diferente al escucharlo enmi voz,
Les cantare mis deseo al dejarme en el panteon,
También las mujeres mueren y yo quiero celebración.

Quiero una ultima parranda
Por allá en mi funeral
Todos los que mi quisieron
La tendra que celebrar
Recordando mi sonrisa
Y mi forma de llorar
Fui una guerrillera fuerte
Que por sus hijos lucho…

… A mi familia querida
Mis padres y mis hermanos
Se muy bien que en la otra vida
Volveremos a juntarnos
Para reir y gozar
De lo mucho que triunfamos
Y no me extrañen mis jefes que su hija la
Por siempre vivirá.

To paraphrase, she sings she wants a celebration where her loved ones remember her smile and the sound of her cries. She was a warrior fighting for her children’s future… She says something to her enemies… now that she’s gone, their nightmare is over, but that she was the best and most preferred. And she thanks her parents, siblins and knows she’ll see them in the other life so that they can laugh and celebrate all that they were able to triumph as a family. And she asks her parents not to miss her rebellious daughter, for her spirit shall live forever.

And, it appears that Jenni’s wishes will all be honored. Rivera’s lucrative career sold more than 20 million albums and the launch of her various brand products… her own make up line, perfume, jeans… all have been successful. She accomplished every goal and objective she set forth for herself.

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