Ivonne Coll Cast in Indie Film “Endgame”

Ivonne Coll Endgame

Los Angeles – Award winning actress Ivonne Coll (The Godfather II, Switch at Birth, Glee) has been cast on the indie Endgame a movie about the game of chess and now filming on location in Texas.

Endgame tells the story of José, 11, who joins the school chess team and with the help of Coach Alvarado “embarks on a journey of self-discovery, team spirit and the importance of family,” Sandra Avila, the film’s co-producer said in a statement.

Coll plays the role of the astute grandmother who teaches her grandson how to play the game. The veteran actress fell in love with the story as it was free of the usual Latino stereotypes.

Endgame Men

Other cast include Rico Rodriguez, (Modern Family) as José. Efren Ramirez (Napoleon Dynamite) and Valente Rodriguez, (The George Lopez Show).

Edinburg attorney Hector Salinas wrote the original screenplay after watching a June 2010 segment of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumble called “Chess Kids.” The segment told the story of Brownsville’s emergence as a national chess powerhouse. Salinas is the executive producer and this is his first film.

Teams and individual players from local schools have won state and national championships since the early 1990s when teams from Russell Elementary won seven state championships in a row. Eventually, other schools in Brownsville and the Valley followed suit.

Endgame is executive produced and co-written by Hector Salinas. Produced by Sandra Avila. Associate Producer Bonnie Emerson. Directed and co-written by Chicago filmmaker Carmen Marron.


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