It Was the Best of Times For Latinos at the Golden Globes


By Bel Hernandez

The History of Latinos and The Golden Globes 

It was the best of times for Latinos in Hollywood as awards season kicked off  this past Sunday and Latinos were all over the 73rd Annual Golden Globes.  

Golden Globe Dresses
Dressing up: Rita Hayworth and Jennifer Lopez

Beginning on the red carpet, the best dressed definitely went to Jennifer Lopez.  Her 40’s glamour style reminded me of the Golden Era of Cinema back in the day when Rita Hayworth (Rita Cansino) was the epitome of glamour.  In fact, it seems JLO was channeling her and it just proves that the Golden era for Latinos in entertainment is making a comeback.

And, out of the four Latino Golden Globe nominees, Alejandro González Iñárritu for Best Director (The Revenant) and Best Film; Oscar Isaac for his role in Show Me a Hero for Best Performance in a Limited Series; Gael Garcia Bernal for Best Performance in a TV Series Comedy (Mozart In the Jungle); Gina Rodriguez for Best Performance in a TV Series – Comedy (Jane the Virgin); and Chile for Best Movie Foreign Language The Club, the first three on this list took home their Golden Globes, with Iñárritu taking home two.

Jennifer Lopez was also a presenter, however it was the America Ferrera and Eva Longoria there to present the Best Actor in a TV Drama award made a major statement by beginning their presentation with the following:

“Hi I’m Eva Longoria not Eva Mendes.  And I’m America Ferrera not Gina Rodriguez. And neither of us are Rosario Dawson.”

The skit was poking fun at the Golden Globes’ snafu when the nominations were announced last year and Ferrera was mis-identified as Gina Rodriguez in the press.

The repartee proved that there now exists a pool of at least seven (the ones mentioned) A-list Latinas in Hollywood (there are many more i.e. Zoe Saldana, Selena Gomez, Penelope Cruz and so others).  The room-full of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, studio and TV executives, directors and actors had a good laugh and got the point loud and clear.

Even  the outrageous Ricky Gervais, who returned to host (and insult) the Golden Globes, got into the fun introducing Longoria and Ferrera as:  “Eva Longoria and America Ferrera aren’t just beautiful, talent actresses, they are also two people who your future president, Donald Trump can’t wait to deport,” setting up the skit to follow perfectly.

I’ve always considered the Golden Globes the most diverse Hollywood awards show, if not in nominations and awardees, at the very least in the participation as presenters and the Golden Globes as far back as the 50’s and 60’s the Golden Globes have been honoring Latinos.

Most recently, it sealed the deal for two actresses careers’ in their first outing as stars of their TV series. In 2007 America Ferrera was the first Latina ever to get nominated and receive the Golden Globes for Best Actress in a TV Comedy Series for Ugly Betty.  Rodriguez received her’s last year for her role in Jane the Virgin. This year Gael Garcia Bernal becomes the first Latino actor to be nominated and receive the Golden Globe for his work in the Netflix Mozart in the Jungle.

In television back in 1969 the award for Best Actress in a TV Series Drama went to Linda Cristal for her role as Victoria Montoya in NBC’s High Chaparral which also starred Latino actors Henry Darrow, Frank Silvera, and Rudy Ramos.

In 1985 Jimmy Smits took home the Golden Globe for his role as Bobby Simone in ABC’s NYPD Blues.  In 2000 Martin (Estevez) Sheen won his Golden Globe for playing the POTUS in NBC’s The West Wing.

Jose Ferrer
Jose Ferrer in Cyrano De Bergerac

Golden Globe film awards have gone to Jose Ferrer won for his role in Cyrano de Bergerac (1950) and in 2006 Iñárritu won for Babel.  Add to that the four Golden Globes this year as stated above and you have a growing pattern.  Now that there are more Latino roles being written in Hollywood, the number of Golden Globes for Latinos is sure to increase.  That trend will also be seen in other mainstream awards, the Oscar, the Emmys, the Director’s Guild Awards, all industry awards.  And speaking of the DGA Awards Iñárritu just might take his second directing award for film from the DGA this year for The Revenant since he is again nominated and if he wins will be his fourth DGA award.

Yes indeed, was the best of times at the Golden Globes this year.

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