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Rayn Lochte
Rayn Lochte

By Bel Hernandez

The Mayan Calendar did not predict the end of the world in December 21, 2012; it predicted the end of an era and the beginning of a New Age.

So Happy New Age to you all!

2013 has started out with a flurry of news, from The Argo controversy and its seven Academy Award nominations; Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte getting his own reality TV show; and another whitewashing of Latinos in the film The Impossible – only this time it was the Latinos themselves (Spanish production) doing the whitewashing to appeal to the “general market” Read all about this one HERE 

So let’s start off this New Age with some more of the COOList News of this past week:

E! Network President Suzanne Kolbe announced at the Television Critics Association Press Tour this week that Ryan Lochte will star in his own reality show entitled What would Ryan Lochte Do?   Six episodes have been ordered featuring the Olympian swimmer which will follow his training in preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympics.  The series also follows him as he preps to launch his fashion line, making public appearances, partying and having fun looking for Ms. Right.  A lot of eye candy here to watch.   The series will premiere in April 2013.  For more info HERE

DjangoUnchainedOfficialPosterPTQuentin Tarantino Makes a Movie about Slavery, Django Unchained, and (Unlike Ben Affleck in his film Argo) casts Blacks!

Of course it’s obvious that Tarantino would cast Black Americans in his film because he is not a racist and seeks to make right the travesty Hollywood committed during the “Black facing” era.  What is newsworthy is that here is a filmmaker that has the sensitivity to want to make a film about slavery as never before seen on the screen to give Blacks a hero. Unlike Ben Affleck, who instead of wanting to give the Latino community a hero, he actually “stole” a hero by whitewashing the role of real life CIA operative hero Antonio “Tony” Mendez and casting himself in the role.

In this video you will see an interview of Tarantino by Channel 4 Evening News’ Krishanan Guru-Murthy where he explains why he wrote and made the film…

“The reason that actually made me put to pen to paper was to give Black American males a western hero…give them a cool folkloric hero that could actually be empowering and actually pay back blood for blood.”

But wait there is more!  As you will see in this video, when Guru-Murthy tries to corner Tarentino into talking about the violence in his film, Tarantino simply refuses to engage, telling the news host that how he feels about violence is very well documented and he will not answer his question and that he is “shutting” him down.

Total respect for Tarantino!  He is one of the COOList directors in Hollywood!

THe Baytown OutlawsThe former Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria
is super busy since her show went off the air.  Focusing on her film career, she stars in two films,The Dark Truth, which just released on January 4th and The Baytown Outlaws out on DVD  She is also currently filming Frontera alongside Michael Pena and Ed Harris which is set to release in 2014.

In addition to her films, Longoria is pretty busy executive producing.  On TV she has Devious Maids which has a 13 episode order on the Lifetime Network; and is not only executve producing the animated series Mother up! she will also voice one of the lead characters.

All this and she also has time to serves as the co-chair of the White House inauguration committee and will be hosting the upcoming Latino celebration of  President Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20th.

Longoria is one astute and savvy business person in addition to being a major star, and the only way Beyondhollywood.com  could describe her when talking about her role in The Baytown Outlaws was to call her a “Latina Spitfire”.  Really?  That is so 1950’s and so totally Un-COOList

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