HBO Latino® Spanish-Language Film Roster for Spring 2015


New York, NY — HBO Latino has  announces their spanish language film roster for Spring 2015, a collection of high-quality films coming spring 2015, movies from the Spanish-speaking world.  In addition, Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and HBO’s are offered in Spanish.


Las Horas Muertas                                  

Spain/France/Mexico (2013).  Directed by Aarón Fernández Lesur.

On the desolated coast of Veracruz, Mexico, seventeen-year-old Sebastián runs his uncle’s rent-by-the-hour motel. Alone much of the time, he encounters Miranda, there to meet a lover who always keeps her waiting. With time to kill, Sebastián and Miranda get cozy and an ambiguous game of seduction begins.

Tres Bodas de Mas 

Spain (2013).  Directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera.

Three wedding invitations in one month. No big deal… except when all three grooms are your exes. Ruth, recently dumped and feeling obliged to attend, convinces a handsome lab intern to be her plus-one as she heads to the receptions in search of real romance.


Maria Y El Araña 

Equador/Franc/Argentina (2014).  Directed by María Victoria Menis.

Thirteen-year-old María lives in a poverty-stricken Buenos Aires area with her grandmother.  While in school, Maria also sells guides on the subway, where she meets a seventeen-year-old boy juggling in a superhero costume. As their love grows, so does the sinister web that keeps María attached to home.

Pelo Malo 

A Venezuela/Peru/Argentina (2014).  Directed by Mariana Rondón.

For his yearbook picture, nine-year-old Junior wants to look like a fashionable pop singer with long, flat-ironed locks. But having his stubbornly curly hair straightened does not sit well with his mother, Marta, a young, unemployed widow.

MARCH 2015

La Jaula De Oro

Guatemala/Spain/Mexico (2013).  Directed by Diego Quemada-Díez

Juan, Sara and Samuel, all fifteen years old, flee from Guatemala hoping for a better world beyond the US-Mexico border. But on their journey, joined by an undocumented, non-Spanish-speaking Tzotzil Indian, they soon encounter a harsh reality.


Columbia/France (2014).  Directed by Maria Gamboa

Composed from real life experiences, this Colombian indie-drama follows vulnerable sixteen-year-old Mateo as he risks his life for his corrupt uncle, infiltrating a local theatre group to uncover political activities.

APRIL 2015

El Misterio De La Felicidad 

Argentina/Brazil (2014).  Directed by Daniel Burman

More than friends, Santiago and Eugenio are lifelong business partners. When Eugenio disappears without leaving a trace, Santiago and Eugenio’s wife begin searching for him, but soon discover that they enjoy the journey more than finding the answers.


Mexico (2013). Directed by Mariana Chenillo

New to Mexico City, Carmen and Alfredo feel the social pressure of being overweight in a bustling metropolis full of beautiful people. Carmen convinces her husband to join her in losing weight, but when Alfredo gets far better results than she does, their relationship is put to the test.

HBO Latino is a dedicated Spanish-language premium channel programming for the U.S. Latino market.  HBO Latino showcases the best and critically-acclaimed movies from the Spanish-speaking world.  Film festival-quality releases from all across Latin America and Spain, featuring big stars like Javier Bardem, Guillermo Francella, Julieta Díaz and Ricardo Darín.  Weeknights at 8pm/7 central exclusively on HBO Latino.

Additionally, HBO Latino offers the best Hollywood movies and HBO original programming from the network’s main channel in Spanish. HBO Latino is included with an HBO subscription.


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