Families of Survivors of Jenny Rivera Tragedy File Lawsuits

Last photo of Jenni Rivera  and Jacob in front
Last photo of Jenni Rivera and Jacob Yebale in front

Los Angeles, CA  –  After a roller coaster ride of news coverage of the sudden death of “La Diva de Banda”, Jenni Rivera and Arturo Rivera, Jenni’s publicist, Jacob Yebale, Jenni’s make-up artist, Jorge Armando Sanchez Vasquez, Jenni’s hair stylist, and Mario Macias Pacheco, Jenni’s attorney on December 9, 2012 when the lear jet they were traveling on suddenly came crashing down in the mountains of Monterrey, Mexico, the lawsuits by family members of the survivors are lining up.  Just weeks after the emotional tributes to Jenni Rivera and some of the other deceased entourage their family members want answers.

A petition for discovery on behalf of the estate of Yebale has been filed to seek information from Learjet about the plane, owner, operators and maintenance of the Learjet 25 that crashed minutes after departing from Monterrey, Mexico.

Yebale’s estate filed a petition on Jan. 2 in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Ill., by Ribbeck Law Chartered for damages estimated to be in the multi-million dollar range.  The lawsuit names respondents as Learjet Corporation, a division of Bombardier Aerospace, and Bombardier Aerospace.

In another pending lawsuit, the surviving families have retained the firm of Kiesel+Larson LLP. The firm represents: The family of Arturo Rivera, Jenni’s publicist, by way of his surviving mother, Yolanda Ruiz Hidalgo, surviving father, Agustin Rivera Jaime, surviving brother, Alberto Rivera Ruiz, and surviving sister; Cynthia Maria Rivera Ruiz; the family of Jacob Yebale, Jenni’s make-up artist, by way of his surviving mother, Virginia Aguilar Lopez, and surviving sister Erikarmen Gomez Aguilar; the family of Jorge Armando Sanchez Vasquez, Jenni’s hair stylist, by way of his surviving mother, Luz Cristina Vasquez Holguin, and surviving sisters, Paola Sanchez Vasquez and Luz Cristina Sanchez Vasquez; and lastly, the family of Mario Macias Pacheco, Jenni’s attorney, by way of his surviving widow Alba Cristian Garcia Razo and their surviving minor son Mario Macias Garcia.

The tragic plane crash occurred after Jenni Rivera’s last concert on December 9, 2012 while she and her entourage were traveling from Monterey, Mexico  to Toluca, just outside Mexico City at around 3:30 AM.

Full details of the lawsuit by Kiesel+Larson will be given at a planned press conference to be held next week.


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