Eva Longoria Takes DNC Stage: No Empty Chairs!

Go, Gaby, Go!” 

Eva Longoria has been preparing for her big DNC reveal since she first began to actively support President Obama’s re-election campaign. Tonight, Longoria will speak at the DNC and she will not be bringing out any empty chairs. “People keep comparing us because we are both from the entertainment industry and  he [Eastwood] had a very different narrative,” the former Desperate Housewives actress said in media interview with CNN’s  Piers Morgan.

“I come from a very different position than Clint Eastwood,” said the long time Barack Obama supporter and Latino outreach activist. “It was interesting yeah but I haven’t seen the whole thing so it’s not fair for me to judge it,” Longoria said of Eastwood’s unsuccessful appearance as the surprise GOP convention guest speaker last week in Tampa.  Longoria, who is a co-chair of the Obama reelection campaign, is scheduled to speak tonight to the delegates in Charlotte, North Carolina on the subject of Hispanic women and education. Longoria isn’t the only Hollywood star taking the stage in Charlotte this week. Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Kerry Washington are reportedly also going to address the convention on Thursday before President Obama.

Last night Harold & Kumar star Kal Penn spoke eloquently on why he gave up his career for a year to work for the President, taking a the position of an  associate director for the administration’s Office Of Public Engagement. He poked fun at Eastwood by thanking the invisible man in the chair – a reference to the empty chair that was supposed to symbolize Obama that Eastwood did a mock interview with in Tampa.

2012 Presidential Elections will be remembered as the year Latino Hollywood were more visible than ever representing their Latino community.

–Elia Esparza, Editor


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