Instructions Not Included Eugenio Derbez’s Directorial debut

In Limited Run Beginning August 30, 2013

InstructionsNotIncludedBy Brittany Valadez

The beauty, yet at the same time frustrating thing, about life is the fact that it doesn’t come with a manual.  We’re told what might happen but even then there’s no guarantee that it will happen . Mexican comedienne Eugenio Derbez who both directed and starred in his latest flick, Instructions Not Included navigates these themes

The formula three race care driver, oh yeah, and actor, is  one of Mexico’s most popular celebrities.  Born to an actress and publicist, entertainment was in his blood.  At 51 years old, Derbez already starred in several Mexican TV shows and films, while transitioning to American entertainment alongside comediennes Adam Sandler  and Rob Schneider.

While Derbez is bilingual, his role in Instructions Not Included, is entirely in Spanish. The film itself though, is in both Spanish and English.

130571_baPlayboy Valentin lives life with no cares in the world, and definitely no expectations when it comes to women. So it certainly wasn’t expected when one of those women shows up at his doorstep, leaves a baby, and asks to borrow 10 bucks for a cab.

Now, with a child under his care he does what any normal man does if he’s unexpectedly given a child….he runs to find the mother.

Fast on track to California, and with no luck in locating his daughter’s mother, Valentin is forced to begin life with his daughter, played by adorable actress Loreto Peralta .  He immediately falls in love with his new found daughter and as she grows  his heart grows along with her.

Years go by, and as sometimes happens in cases of abandonment , the parent who left the child returns.  Julie, played by Jessica Lindsey returns in hopes for a relationship with her young daughter. Again, Valentin isn’t prepared for the emotions and circumstances that arise.

Eugenio Derbez makes his directorial debut on a script he co-wrote along with Guillermo Rios Leticia Lopez Margalli; Distributed by Panellion Films; cast included  Up next, Derbez stars in  the American comedy, Aztec Warrior. Alongside Tery Crews and Luis Guzman.

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