“Clueless” Stacey Dash Backlash for Endorsing of Presidential Candidate

By Brittany Valadez

Dash draws on MLK Jr. to defend Romney support: ‘I chose him not by the color of his skin but the content of his character’”

Although she starred in the 90’s iconic hit, Clueless, it appears that actress Stacey Dash, 46, has a clue as to who she’s endorsing for president, and his name isn’t Barack Obama.

The actress being of African American, Bajan and Mexican has created quite a stir within the African-American community.

Mitt Romney is the Caucasian, Republican candidate competing against incumbent part African American candidate Barack Obama.

On October 7, Dash took to her Twitter account to voice her opinion in regards to the upcoming election.

“Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future,” said Dash.


Her next tweet was followed with, “ My humble opinion…Everyone is entitled one. “

Because of her endorsement for Romney, Dash has received heavy backlash from the African American community.

She has been dubbed such derogatory terms such as being labeled an ‘Oreo’ for her support of a ‘white devil,’ by @ASvpFeefa.

A twitter follower, @YalePerkins even wrote to the actress to “kill herself.”

In addition to the backlash, several of those in the African-American community have come out in support of the star.

Twitter user @Rob_Guillory said, “Stacey Dash got race-pummeled for endorsing Romney. Ugly, stuff man. Unacceptable, regardless of Party.

Twitter account @BlackRepublican said, “ #ISupportStaceyDash for voting with her brain and not her skin color.”

Recently, Dash along with several of her former Clueless co-stars appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly for a special reunion issue. It has been seventeen years since the hit show went off of the air.

As of the timing of this article, none of her former co-stars stars have taken to their Twitter to comment on Dash’s backlash.



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