Celebrate your Uniqueness Y “Haz lo Diferente”

The-COOList_256“To be unique is bliss”, a great quote.  Actually I just made it up, but who wants to be same as everyone else?  So when I received and invitation to an event entitled “Haz Lo Diferente” it intrigued me.

My “Do What’s Different” (Haz Lo Diferente) adventure started off  on a balmy Los Angeles evening at the Kim Sing Theater, just a few blocks west of the heart of downtown L.A.  A different kind of venue — charming, secluded, and from the outside you can’t tell what you will find on the inside – which I loved!  I am sold already.

What is a “Do What’s Different” event?  Well it is a campaign that Manzanita Sol (memories of Mexico) created to invite consumers and tastemakers to embrace their own uniqueness, sample their tropical flavored drinks and mingle with some very unique people.

The event was hosted by actress Fernanda Romero (Mission Park). The guests were an eclectic group consisting of artists, media executives, models, musicians and special VIPs (the more serious ones…seriously).

At the center of attention were the Latinos who came from across the nation to showcase their “Haz Lo Diferente” work.  To give you an idea Manzanita Sol enlisted world-renowned percussionist, Rafael Padilla, and international flautist, Pedro Eustache, to create the music for the brand’s award-winning TV commercial using only Manzanita Sol bottles, caps and straws.  Out of the box enough for you already?

I had fun talking to Goldie Garcia a visual artist and jewelry maker from Albuquerque, N.M., as I too got into the act and made my own, original and definitely “different” bottle cap earrings.

Do you personally know a “Mixologist”?  I met my very first self-identified mixologist, Sergio Serna, who came all the way for Chicago to mix me my very own delicious “Mango Mint” made with Mango Manzanita Sol.  While sipping my cocktail I spoke with fashion designers Antonio and Jesus Estrada who came up from San Diego with their Manzanita flavored dress; Carlos Donjuan an artist from Dallas, TX who was creating wonderful water color paintings on raw wood; and I spoke to L.A. (representing!) musician Jorge Villanueva, who showed me his Manzanita Sol’ed out drum set.  Haziendolo Diferente For sure!

Man Sol AmbassadorsManzanita Sol Brand Director, Martha Bermudez sold their concept to the guests,  “From our unique flavors to our innovative commercial music, Manzanita Sol has embraced what it means to ‘do what’s different’ and we’re excited to invite consumers to do the same.”

Yes, this was a way to promote their new product and flavors, but what a fun way to do it!  And they will be rolling out the same kind of event starting May 31 through October. Manzanita Sol will visit major Hispanic festivals and retailers in California, Texas and Chicago. So when you hear about it, go — you will meet unique guests from across the country, do the limbo, hit a piñata, play the drums, and drink some delicious Manzanita Sol cocktails, it will be fun and a little — “Diferente”!

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