Study: Latino Listenership to Internet Radio Increases in Top 10 Markets


A new study from The Media Audit finds that the number Hispanics listening to Internet radio is increasing. Looking at the top ten media markets in the U.S., the Media Audit found that 32.7 percent of all Hispanics have logged on in the past month to an Internet radio website such or Slacker. The figure represents 4.2 million Hispanic Internet radio listeners in The Media Audit’s top ten markets.

Additionally, 29.8 percent of Hispanics listened to Internet radio in the past week, suggesting nearly the same amount are logging on weekly as they are in a typical 30 day period. With 91 percent of Hispanic monthly Internet radio visitors listening on a weekly basis, the preliminary data suggests that many Hispanics are becoming loyal to Internet radio listening. Among all adults in the same top ten markets, 22.8 percent reported having listened to Internet radio within the past week, making Hispanics 35 percent more likely to be listening to Internet radio when compared to the general population.

Looking at specific websites, 28.7 percent of Hispanics in the top ten markets logged on to Pandora in the past month, while 8.4 percent logged on to, and 1.9 percent logged on to The figures represent a dramatic change in Hispanic Internet radio listening behavior from a year ago, when only 13.5 percent of Hispanics listened to Pandora. As a result, the year over year growth rate is 142 percent for Hispanics accessing Pandora. Furthermore, only 3.9 percent of Hispanics accessed iHeartRadio in 2011, resulting in a 182 percent increase in monthly visits year-over-year, while access to increased 52 percent during the same period.

The Media Audit’s study also found that among top Hispanic radio markets, Pandora and iHeartRadio remain competitive when compared to Hispanic-programmed local radio stations that heavily focus on the Hispanic market. In Los Angeles, 25.9 percent of the metro area’s 3.9 million Hispanics reported having listened to Pandora within the past week, a figure that represents more than one million weekly listeners and topping weekly listening of all Hispanic-programmed stations or radio clusters.

In the New York City metro area, Pandora reaches 34 percent of the metro area’s 3.2 million Hispanics weekly, followed by 17.1 percent who listened to iHeartRadio within the past week. The weekly figures represent more than 1.1 million weekly listeners for Pandora, and 560,000 weekly listeners for iHeartRadio. Among Miami’s 1.7 million Hispanics, nearly one in four listened to Pandora within the past week, again ranking the popular Internet radio service number one among all Hispanic-programmed stations or radio clusters.

 Source: Friday Morning Quarterback (FMQB)
and LatinaLista Smart News

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