Banda Intocable Mourns Jenni Rivera

With love, to Jenni, from Intocable

Intocable regrets the loss of all those killed in yesterday’s tragedy including that of their great friends Jenni Rivera and Arturo Rivera, who served as the group’s publicist in Mexico.

In their official Facebook page, the group declared collectively:

“Today is a gray day wanting to rain, as our hearts are sad wanting to mourn.  Jenni Rivera, Arturo Rivera, Mario Macías, Jacob Yebale, Gerardo N., Miguel Pérez and Alejandro Torres…rest in peace.  We’re keeping you in our prayers.  No words can fill the void we feel…our deepest condolences to the families.”

Ricky Muñoz, lead voice of the group reiterated today: We are in mourning.  We have lost two members of our family.  Of Jenni, great memories remain.  She was a light.  Her joy was contagious and it saddens us to have lost her so soon and so unexpectedly.  As for Arturo, he was a great soldier, an amazing friend who worked nonstop for us in Mexico and that we will certainly miss.  All of this emphasizes that life is fragile and that we must live it fully.  May they and the rest of the people on board rest in peace.”

What You May Not Know About Intocable:

Ricky Muñoz is the lead singer and accordion player, Rene Martinez is on drums, Sergio Serna is Percussionist, Felix Salinas is on electric guitar, Johnny Lee Rosas, Juan Hernandez are chorus. Ricky and Rene launched their careers in Zapata, Texas as teenagers and in time they became Intocable (Untouchable) enjoying one blockbuster hit after another with their global audiences. Banda music manifests everything that is life and relationships. It’s the Mexican version of Country. Intocable has traveled worldwide selling out at all venues.


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