Andres Cuervo Reaches Deep Within in “Este Soy Yo”

Andres Cuervo.Y Que.500Rheumatic, 13-track album a fusion of “happiness and love”

By Fernando Ruano Jr.

Even on the phone from another country, the delight and enthusiasm in Colombian singer/songwriter Andres Cuervo’s voice comes off with the giddiness of a child playing with a new toy.  Speaking from Mexico City, where he is in the midst of an promotional tour his new album, Este Soy Yo, an 13-track album fused of pop and electroand filled of  “joy, love and hope”, the Baranquilla-born Cuervo sounds as if he had just opened “the biggest gift in his life.”. From Te Extrano to Love, Love, Love, Cuervo has captivated audiences all over Mexico with his smooth and melodic voice.

 How much of Andres Cuervo is reflected in Este Soy Yo?

All of it; this is album is essentially who I am. Somebody happy, dreaming big, and, in love with the world more and more each day. I really believe there is a message in this album for everybody, whether you’re in love, searching for a ray of light or falling in love.

What kind of fusions are in Este Soy Yo?

It was a lot of different fusions, but I am a big believer in electro pop and it’s a genre that’s not only fresh and unique, but the wave of the future. Our young generation has really caught onto the fusion of beats and genres such as ‘electro’ pop and it’s something that’s going to be around for a while.

You were born in Colombia. How did that influence Este Soy Yo and your inclination towards the pop genre?

Man, I would say a whole lot. Obviously, being from Baranquilla I listened to Shakira growing up a lot, but I was also big on Juanes and Carlos Vives. Shakira’s work back home with children and her foundation is magnificent and something that drives me to this day

What do you do to stay relevant on social media, considering you have so many fans always waiting for a new video on You Tube or a posting on Facebook?

As an artist it not always easy, but I try to stay connected as much as possible. I understand it’s the wave of the future and fans always want to know what’s going on with you. That said, I try to let everybody know I am around through my music and messages. We’ve also had a lot of fans show up at events in Mexico and interested in starting up their own fan clubs.

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