Alejandro Fernandez ‘Me Olvide de Vivir’ Music Video Featuring His Father Vicente Fernandez

alejandro-fernandez-0827-artAlejandro Fernandez and his dad Vicente Fernandez,  nicknamed “El Rey de la Canción Ranchera reunite for the first time in 20 years to give us a beautiful ballad Me Olvide de Vivir which is included in Alejandro’s new album entitled Confidencias.  The music video for this song features film and video of both Fernandez’s as they sing about longing for the things that are forgotten in the pursuit of fame and fortune.  Autobiographical?  Perhaps.

The music video of the melodic ballad with a beautiful haunting quality features video and pictures both the younger singer and his dad in their professional live with a few family photos.  A nice treat for both their fans.

Viviendo de applausos envoltos en sueno…ya no se como ayer.  Me olvide de vivir.

“Living from applause wrapped in dreams…I am not like yesteryear.  I forgot to live.”

De tanto querer ser en todo primero me, se me olvide de vivir los detalles pequeños.

“From wanting so much to be first, I forgot to live the small details.”