What Did You Search on Internet Over Weekend?

Inquiring Minds at Latin Heat Want To Know!


Latin Heat would like to know what the hottest movies and topics our readers were searching on the internet this past weekend. Did you Google? Bing? Yahoo? Or maybe you checked out what cars were on sale, or garage sales on Craigslist, or to get rid of that pesky rat that has invaded your bedroom balcony (YUK!) that’d be me, your editor. Or, maybe you’re heading out to Miami for Hispanicize 2013 and wanted to get more info… tell us!

Tell us what was on your mind… keep it clean, people! Did you go to the movies but first check what was playing on the internet? Why did you decide to go see the movie? Post your comments here and maybe we’ll highlight it later in the week in our What’s Trending with Latin Heaters!

Thanks for your feedback!

What's trending Elia–Elia Esparza, Editor-in-Chief

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