Webnovela Mia Mundo: The Modern Independent Latina Achiever

Launches May 3rd on Telemundo.com and mun2

Miami, FL  – Targeting the over 32.2 million U.S. Latinos that are are online (14% of the population), Telemundo Media has partnered with Chevrolet and Verizon Wireless to launch the webnovela Mia Mundo, centering on the “new Latina woman” this Thursday, May 3rd on Telemundo.com and on mun2.

Offering a complete 360° experience, the multi-platform series presents original dramatic webisodes that will organically integrate Chevrolet and Verizon Wireless products. Mia Mundo stars Jacqueline Marquez in the role of “Mia” and novela actors  Jose Guillermo Cortines,  Sofia Lama Stamatiades, Melvin Cabrera, Monze Martinez and Martha Velasco.

Mia Mundo the “Modern Independent Achiever” (MIA), is a first of its kind for the industry.  It features short-form branded entertainment centered on a modern young Latina named Mia Ramirez and her quest to find balance in life and love. The 13 three-minute weekly webisodes follow the ups and downs of Mia’s life, from her fast-paced workplace to her relationship with her longtime boyfriend Ryan.

NBCUniversal takes the first steps to integrate English-language talent (Bravo Media stars Jenni Pulos from Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis  and Gretchen Rossi from The Real Housewives of Orange County), in an original Telemundo production in a web series that is primarily in English, with some Spanish. Could the cross-over pollination of Spanish language and English language talent of be the wave of things to come, not just on the web, but also on TV?

Mia Mundo is a truly groundbreaking series because we are leveraging the NBCUniversal portfolio to further engage viewers and Hispanics across the full-spectrum,” said Jacqueline Hernández, Chief Operating Officer, Telemundo Media. “We welcome the opportunity to partner with Chevrolet and Verizon Wireless to deliver this unique Telemundo original series designed to reach their consumers across all of our touchpoints.”

Branded integrations for Chevrolet will include the Chevy Camaro and Chevy Cruze. These cars will be driven by and support the lifestyle of the series’ lead characters. Verizon Wireless products will be integrated throughout the series to demonstrate the unique features of Verizon Wireless’ mobile phones and tablets, as well as how characters utilize the products and various mobile applications in their everyday lives. In addition, Telemundo will supply Verizon Wireless with five behind-the-scenes and blooper videos, which will be available exclusively on the Verizon Video App for the length of the campaign.

Viewers will be engaged on all platforms and they will see “minisode” teasers in television that will drive them to watch the full episodes online. There will be cross promotion on the network’s entertainment shows “”Levántate” and the local entertainment program “Acceso Total” and will culminate in a one-hour special on Telemundo’s cable network, mun2, which will reveal the finale, chosen by viewers via Telemundo.com and social media.

Mia Mundo grew out of the Beyond Demographics™Latino Identity study conducted by Telemundo Media in partnership with Starcom Mediavest Group, a groundbreaking approach to understanding the various psychographic segments of U.S. Hispanics in America today. To better understand the market, the study looked at 12 unique segments, each with their own attitudes and psychographics that define and drive consumer behavior, including the Modern Independent Achiever (MIA). The study’s results illuminated the expected, as well as the unexpected archetypes that exist in the Hispanic market today. The character of Mia Ramirez was developed based on insights derived from the study that pertain to the Modern Independent Achiever. Working closely with Telemundo’s research department, Mia’s lifestyle and tastes mirror those of this important segment.


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