“Common Sense Mamita” Debuts 4th Season

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Who would have thought that “common sense”, or the lack thereof, would be a perfect topic for a weekly comedic webseries and resonate with audience the world over?  Lydia Nicole, the creator, producer and star of the hugely popular weekly video log titled Common Sense Mamita did, and just two weeks ago she premiered her fourth season.

It is Nicole’s spicy wit and irreverent wisdom which makes Common Sense Mamita a weekly fan-favorite, delivering Latino’s a hilarious in-your-face dose of ‘tough-love’ honesty about all aspects of their life.  Nicole first created and launched the streetwise ‘edutainment’ vlog online over 3 years ago, which was instantly picked up by Latin Heat Entertainment (LatinHeat.com)  and can be seen on her own website CommonSenseMamita.com

If the two episodes in season four are an indication of what is in store, then this is what we call “Must Watch TV”.  

This season Nicole is getting personal, giving the audience the benefit of her experience in the entertainment business and turning it into teachable moments.  In one of the first episode, Sexual Assault, Nicole recounts her brush with sexual assault by a producer while working on the set of the award-winning classic film Stand and Deliver.  It is a passionate filled 11 minutes (double her usual vlogs) as she recounts what happened — riveting, as you can almost feel the pain and the effect this incident had on her.

In the Lessons Learned From Stand Up vlog Nicole give you a first hand look at the “doggy dog” world of stand up comedy, an incident that happened at The Comedy Store when another comedian stole her material.

Nicole is mostly known as an actress/comedienne but she started her career in entertainment back in New York in the radio business at the age of 13 at the number one radio station in New York City WBLS-FM.  Her one-woman show, A Rose in Spanish Harlem, distinguished Lydia Nicole as a gifted playwright and actor, and launched a career which now spans over 25-years in film, television, stage both in front and behind the camera.

A Rose in Spanish Harlem, explores her difficult childhood having been born in Harlem to a pimp and a prostitute. It is a classic drama, a story of hope, empowerment and the supernatural.

Another season of producing the  weekly Common Sense Mamita Vlog will be keeping Nicole busy.  However, Nicole is also prepping to take her award-winning and critically acclaimed one-woman show, A Rose in Spanish Harlem on tour.  In addition she continues her work as film producer.  One of the films she helped produce Playin’ For Love, Robert Townsend’s romantic comedy recently released in January of this year.

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