Luis I. Reyes Co-Authors The “Hawai’i Movie and Television Book” Due Nov. 25th

Latin Heat’s very own columnist Luis I. Reyes is the co-author of The Hawai’i Movie and Television Book, which celebrates 100 years of filmmaking throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The book primarily documents Hollywood feature films and television shows made in Hawai’i since 1995 to the present as well as significant film and television achievements of the past.

Hawaii’s enormous impact on American popular culture from its annexation in 1898 through today is evident in music, movies, television and clothing styles, The Hawai’i Movie And Television Book is a treasure trove of memorabilia for the Hawai’i movie fan and is an important document in Hollywood’s cinematic history with Hawaii.


The 216 page book contains a treasure trove of archival photos and info on all of your favorite Hawaii based movies including 50 First Dates, Jurassic Park, The Descendants and Just Go For It.  Among the many TV shows are Magnum, the original and new Hawaii Five-0 and Lost, to name just a few.  Many Latino Hollywood stars portrayed Islanders such as Dolores Del Rio, Rita Hayworth, Maria Montez and Movita Casteneda. Colombian born veteran Hawaii based location manager Angela Tillson contributed to a special chapter on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai film location sites.

A foremost recognized film historian, published author and authority on Latinos in Hollywood, Reyes is also the co-author of the seminal work Hispanics in Hollywood: A celebration of 100 years in film and television” (Garland/ Lone Eagle Pub. 1995, 2000 NY. LA) and is the author of Made In Paradise (Mutual Publishing, Honolulu 1995) a work that was instrumental in recognizing the South Seas film as a genre with attributes all its own.  He is also the co-author of Pearl Harbor in The Movies.  Reyes is presently working on a new book, Made in Mexico/Hecho En Mexico: Hollywood’s Films made in Mexico, to be published by Santa Monica, California based Angel City Press in late 2014

Mutual Publishing of Honolulu is making The Hawaii Film and Television Book available with a Pre-Publication limited time Special Offer of $20.00. The regular book store retail price is $25.95 Order your copy now by calling (808)732-1709 or www.Mutual

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