Hola!LA: Celebrates Latino Heritage at The Petersen


With the change of our summer to fall season we also get a dash of a little Latina seasoning to liven things up. Premiering Oct. 10 at 6:30pm and KCAL9 on Oct. 11 at 5pm, the ladies of HOLA!LA are back showing the mainstream what “cultural”.  Shot on location at The Petersen Automotive Museum, this special Hispanic Heritage Month episode’s special guest was actor Danny Trejo (Machete) came to the set in style. Also Luis Guzman who stars in CBS’s medical ER drama Code Black talks about the impact Latinos have on the community and a fashion show with top Fashion Designer Johana Hernandez, and Tomas Delgado of Candelas guitars shows us the art of guitar making.

HOLA! LA hosts (l-r) Naibe Reynoso, Dyana Ortelli, Kikey Castillo & Bel Hernadez
HOLA! LA hosts (l-r) Naibe Reynoso, Dyana Ortelli, Kikey Castillo & Bel Hernadez

Four talented, outspoken, and accomplished women host the talk show, which has been airing on CBS2 and KCAL9 since 2012. Bel Hernandez Castillo, CEO of Latin Heat Media, LLC and Executive Producer of HOLA!LA, focuses on the production of high quality profitable content focused on the U.S. Latino market through her online publication Latin Heat. Dyana Ortelli, an actress and comedienne, continues to be one the most visible Latinas in Hollywood having worked in high profile shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Three Amigos, and CSI. Kikey Castillo, also an actress, is a philanthropist and conservationist giving back to the community volunteering for non-profit organizations dedicated to giving back to the community and keeping our planet safe. Naibe Reynoso, a veteran Emmy award winning reporter and host who has worked at Univision and Reelz Channel and currently hosts NewsBreaker for ORA TV.

HOLA!LA and its hosts have been singularly focused on bringing the unique English speaking Latino perspective front and center by listening to and engaging its community. By reaching out through social media, the fans of HOLA!LA are an integral part of what makes the show pertinent. And as the landscape of viewers evolves, so does the show.

This season’s look has been updated with a new set, new segments, and healthy list of guests joining the ladies as they discuss the topics that are important to their viewers. No longer separated from America behind a table, the HOLA!LA hosts now bring us viewers in to their world, taking us onto the sets of the hottest shows, and tours through the new Peterson Museum. We are invited to join them in their world, which feels comfortable because, after all, their world is ours too.

One thing is for sure, coming back to the airwaves this season is like returning home to family. There’s familiar faces, music, and even a crazy Tia or two thrown in. Shared experiences remind you that you are understood, and you realize that here, no one will giggle and ask you to repeat yourself when you pronounce tortilla correctly. This is familia. Of course, like family, there are also many instances where opinions do clash between hosts or even from viewers. But that’s what keeps the healthy flow of the show. The women of HOLA encourage a discussion of differing opinions. Latinos after all, are varied and diverse not only geographically, but also in ways of life. A simple fact that’s often forgotten.

HOLA! LA airs Saturday, Oct. 10th on CBS2 at 6:30pm and on Oct. 11th KCAL9 at 5pm.

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