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Now Accepting Entries for the 2013 Vision Awards

Founded in 1994 by NAMIC-Southern California, the 2013 NAMIC Vision Awards will once again be presented by the NAMIC National office in partnership with NAMIC-Southern California. The NAMIC Vision Awards is one of the few national competitions that salutes original television or digital content that reflects the depth and breadth of experience, and contributions of people of color. The 2013 NAMIC Vision Awards will have some new categories to reflect the changing media ecosystem, and include a new award for “Members’ Favorites,” recognizing on-air hosts/personalities in entertainment, and news/informational who promote multi-ethnic content and issues in their respective arenas.

Awards categories

Qualifying programs will be recognized in the following 21 categories:

  1. Animation
  2. Awards & Honors
  3. Children’s
  4. Comedy
  5. Documentary
  6. Drama
  7. Foreign Language
  8. Lifestyle
  9. News/Informational
  10. Original Movie or Special
  11. Reality
  12. Reality – Social Issues
  13. Spanish Language Series
  14. Sports
  15. Travel & Adventure
  16. Variety/Talk Show
  17. Best Performance – Comedy
  18. Best Performance – Drama
  19. Digital Media – Short Form (five minutes or less)
  20. Digital Media – Long Form (30 minutes to one hour)
  21. Digital Media – Web Series (must have at least two episodes to qualify)

The “Members’ Choice” and the new “Members’ Favorite-Entertainment” and “Members’ Favorite-News and Informational” will be judged by NAMIC members only. Submission requirements for the “Members’ Favorite” awards are detailed below.

Click here for category descriptors.

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged by a panel of distinguished media and entertainment industry executives based on:

  • Overall imagery (creativity, originality, and presentation)
  • Sensitivity (the consideration given to social or cultural nuances)
  • Writing (the depiction of issues relevant to people of color)
  • Acting (the actor has delivered an outstanding performance)


Those eligible to submit entries are:

  • Broadcast Networks (National, Network-Owned and Operated, Affiliates)
  • Cable Networks (National and Regional)
  • Cable Operators (for local origination programming)
  • Syndicators (First-Run Original Programs)
  • VOD content produced by cable and/or broadcast companies for digital platforms — web or mobile — is also eligible for submission.

Programs must be original and have aired between November 1, 2011 and November 10, 2012.

Entry Deadline

Completed entry forms (one for each entry), submissions and payment are due by Wednesday, January 9, 2013.

Click here to download an entry form.

Entry Requirements

The following must be submitted with each program entered to be considered:

  1. Entry fee payment (submissions that do not include payment will not be considered for judging)
  2. A fully completed entry form (be sure to list the entry exactly as you wish it to appear in promotional materials)
  3. Ten (10) DVDs of full episode
  4. Three (3) DVDs of a sixty second (:60) clip
  5. Program Description and running time (250 word limit)
  6. Network approved credit sheet/cast list
  7. English language transcript for Foreign and Spanish language programs
  8. Entry submission contact
  9. Company programming contact
  10. Company publicity contact

Networks should also submit the names of the on-air hosts and personalities they would like included in the new “Members’ Favorite” category. The two categories will be Entertainment and News/Informational. Entry fees will not apply for this category – just send the name of the personality, network, show (if appropriate), and a photo of the individual. These submissions should be included in your entry packet.


  • Sort and mail all DVDs by category, placing entry forms with the corresponding items.
  • Be sure to label each component of the entry with the contact name, company, entry title and category.
  • Be sure to provide ALL requested information in the appropriate format as detailed above in ENTRY REQUIREMENTS.

Incomplete or late entries will not be judged. You will be notified if your entry is disqualified, for any reason. Entry fees are not refundable.

Foreign Langauge And Spanish Language Series Entries

Submissions for Foreign language and Spanish language series may be entered in any category as long as an English language transcript is provided. Failure to submit a transcript will result in disqualification.

Entry Fee

The cost per entry is $295 which is payable by credit card or check. Submissions that do not include payment will not be considered for judging. If paying by check, please make payable to NAMIC, be included with your entry. If you are submitting multiple entries, you may pay with the same check or credit card. Please be sure to include a list of all entries covered by the payment.

Mail Submissions to

Sandra Girado
320 West 37th Street – 8th Floor
New York, NY 10018

For questions, contact Sandra Girado, Director of Meetings and Events at (212) 594-5985or

NAMIC Vision Awards Timeline

Wednesday, January 9, 2013………..Entry Deadline
Early March 2013…………………………..Announcement of Nominees
Early April 2013……………………………..Announcement of Winners
Mid-April 2013……………………………….Announcement of “Members’ Choice” & “Members’ Favorites” Winners (as voted on by the NAMIC membership)

Nominee and Winner Information

If your entry is nominated by the judges, NAMIC will notify you by email in advance of the public announcement. All nominees will be listed in publicity materials and on the NAMIC website exactly as they appear on the official entry form. If your entry is a winner within the category for which it was submitted, NAMIC will notify the contact designated on the official entry form the day when the public announcement is made.

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