“Encounters” – The Imagen Award of Yesteryear


This year’s Imagen Award Web Series competition was tough. Two time Imagen Award nominee Miguel Torres, creator of the webseries Encounters, which he executive produces along with Mauricio Mendoza, did not take home the prize this year, but he is always a winner in our book!

Notwithstanding, our congratulations go out to Dennis Leoni’s Los Americans, and all the talent involved who did win the 2012 Best Web Series Imagen Award last Friday — well deserved!

It was last year that the Imagen Awards Best Web Series missed the mark.

Its been brewing for a year now and I just have to say it.  Last year the Imagen Award was literally “stolen” from Encounters.  The winner of the Imagen Award for Best Web Series last year was a “one episode” webseries entitled Chismex which was posted on the mun2 website.  It featured a man in silhouette, dressed as a woman with nippled fake boobs – gossiping.  And not even good chisme.  Lame.

Even the producer of Chismex looked shocked as he went up to receive his Imagen Award.  And where is the brilliant webseries that the Imagen Awards deemed the best last year?  Gone.  Nowhere to be found but for that lone episode that on sole episode.  Not even the fact that it won an award persuaded the mun2 network website to post more episodes…the thing is, there doesn’t even seem to be any other episode to air.

At the 2011 Imagen Awards: (L-R) Mauricio Mendoza, Armando Acevedo, Miguel torres, Lorena Alvarado and Kenneth Castillo

With all due respect to the other nominees last year I Once Was Lost The Series (Nahum 17 Prods.)  and No Kids. No Cry. A baby mama drama (Fanny Veliz), just on production value (not to mention the great acting and writing – and yes I am being biased one year later) Encounters should have taken the award home last year.

Encounters is an original webseries which delves into the lives individuals who get a chance to speak to a loved one who has passed on.  For a brief moment in time they have a chance to say what was left unsaid, to ask for forgiveness, understanding — to try to make amends…to say the things that were left un-said.

Each unique 5-7 minute episode sets up and follows the main character’s cathartic journey.

Out of all of last year’s webseries nominated, only two have a dedicated website and Encounters having the most episodes in the can — 11. Only Encounters has the distinction of employed the talents of over 70 highly visible actors, producers, directors, writers and crew.  The team can literally open up their own TV studio They are a group that are not waiting around for Hollywood to create roles for them…they are creating their own.

But don’t take my word for it.  Check out the episodes, the talent and the mission of EncountersHERE 

So OK, as the saying goes “its just great to be nominated”, and twice in Encounter’s case.  However, I can’t help but wonder. Who voted for last year’s Best Web Series Imagen Award category?  And what about Chimex was so impressive?

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