“World War Z’s” Fabrizio Guido Talks About Playing Brat Pitt’s Son

Fabricio BradBy Mary Chuy

All the buzz for this weekend’s blockbuster movie premiere is for World War Z starring the amazing Brad Pitt who takes us on an action-packed adventure that doesn’t let up until the last movie credit rolls by at the end! World War Z is the story of United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt) traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

A month ago I had the honor to interview the handsome young actor Fabrizio Guido, who co-stars with Pitt for Hoy Wisconsin a local Wisconsin Skype show for the MundoFox network.

Fabrizio’s parents are Mexican/American actress Jacqueline Calderon Guido and Italian/Mexican father Lennel Gidoz… and I was very excited to be able to pin him, his mom and down for our interview.

Mary Chuy: How is it to be the mother of such a talented boy?

Jacqueline Calderon Guido:  Fabrizio started acting when he was about 5-years-old with my filmmaker friends. One day he told me, ‘Mommy I want to do this for living…’

I always tell Fabrizio there will be disappointments but if this is what you love… you need to not take don’t things personal. Sometimes when casting directors choose an actor, they take many factors into consideration. It is not just about how talented you are. I think is also important to always support and guide our actor kids, but only if they want to be in this business, and not because we [the parents] want them to be actors.

I think for a kid it’s easier because when they are little they are all cute! And, they still have that kid inside that we should all have. As an actor we should always go back to rescue that kid inside of us. Kids are so natural… so it’s easier for them! Yes there are a lot of auditions and hard work!

Mary Chuy: How is it to be a genuine Hollywood kid actor starring in a giant blockbuster movie?

Fabrizio Guido:  Is a lot of fun! I’m always outside meeting new people such as directors, production assistants, producers… we all became like one big family.

MC: How you got cast in this film World War Z?

FG: My agent Jaime Ferrar from JFA (who has represented me since I was 7 years old) called me for an audition. After I auditioned they called me back a week later for the callback… there were about 20 kids. Than on my birthday my agent called me and told me I got the part! I was really exited! My Mom started crying because she was so happy for me.

MC: WOW! I bet it was a great birthday gift! Fabrizio, tell us about the role you play in the movie.

FG: I play a Spanish boy named Tomas. During the film, I get rescued by the Lane family and than I get adopted by them! Brad Pitt plays the main role of Gerry Lane as he traverses the world trying to save us.

MC: How was it working with Brad Pitt… and did you ever get to meet Angelina Jolie?

FG: Two days before we started filming they sent all the cast to a house so we can all meet Brad Pitt and get comfortable with him. The house was by a lake and there were ducks and the ducks started to follow us, and we all started running back to the house, it was fun! But Angelina was not there that day although I did meet her later another day during the filming.

MC: How was going to the red carpet premier in New York?

FG: It was good! A very big crowd! I got there first and Brad Pitt about 30 minutes later. I had a lot of fun!

MC: What advice would you give other young actors who want to pursue acting?

FG: Follow your dreams. Get training.

Thank you, Fabrizio… you rock! Folks, please go see Fabrizio in World War Z this weekend! Let’s support our fellow Latino actors by going to the theaters and watching their movies.

Follow Fabrizio Guido on Instagram, finding him as “Fabrizio Guido”: http://instagram.com/fabrizioguido#

Read more about this amazing young actor’s career on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2084263/

Check out more on my interview with Fabrizio on Youtube channel “The Friend reporter”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NELEdUuZOLw

World War Z
Opens Friday, June 21, 2013 nationwide.

Directed by Marc Forster; written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, J. Michael Straczynski, Drew Goddard and Damon Lindelof, based on the novel “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War,” by Max Brooks; director of photography, Ben Seresin; edited by Roger Barton and Matt Chessé; music by Marco Beltrami; production design by Nigel Phelps; costumes by Mayes C. Rubeo; visual effects supervisor, Scott Farrar; produced by Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner and Ian Bryce; released by Paramount Pictures. Running time: 1 hour 56 minutes.

Cast: Brad Pitt (Gerry Lane), Mireille Enos (Karen Lane), James Badge Dale (Speke), Daniella Kertesz (Segen), Matthew Fox (Parajumper), David Morse (Burt Reynolds), Fana Mokoena (Thierry), Abigail Hargrove (Rachel Lane), Sterling Jerins (Constance Lane), Ludi Boeken (Warmbrumm), Fabrizio Zacharee Guido (Tomas), and Peter Capaldi, Ruth Negga and Moritz Bleibtreu (W.H.O. Doctors).

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