Wilmer Valderrama Directs and Stars in New Climate Video

Wilmer.climatechangeHollywood, CA  — Wilmer Valderrama, who recently signed a TV & film development deal with Pantelion and Televisa, is now bringing attention to climate change in a new video.  Valderrama, who also directs, is joined by Emmanuel Chriqui (Entourage) and a cast of other Hollywood stars in the new action-movie style video about climate change called The War Room.
In the video, a group of CIA analysts read off a list of threats that are taking place around the world: devastation on the New Jersey shore, earthquakes in Pakistan, huge herds of cattle dying in Senegal. But these aren’t random occurrences: they’re all real-life extreme weather events from 2012.

According to top scientists around the world, climate change is loading the dice for extreme weather events around the world. A recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that scientists are just as sure that humans are causing climate change as they are that cigarettes are causing cancer.
The War Room was directed by  Valderamma, produced by Andrew Sandler, and executive produced by K. Asher Levin. It also stars Francis Fisher, Steve Harris, and Josh Bitton.
The video is being released by the international climate campaign 350.org. The organization’s founder, environmentalist Bill McKibben, will be receiving the lifetime achievement award from the Environmental Media Awards this Saturday in Los Angeles.
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