Two of the Top 5 Boxoffice film Produced by Latinos

Sci Fi and Latinos a Good Boxoffice Mix


This week it was Warner Bros. Sci Fi film Ender’s Game,  to take the number one spot on the box office charts making $28 million this past weekend weekend.  Roberto Orci heads the list of eight producers for Ender’s Game while Alfonso Cuaron (along with David Heyman) produced Gravity which this weekend made $13 million.

gravity_poster.jpg.For three weeks Gravity dominated at the boxoffice, holding the number one spot for three weekends.  Last week it dropped down to second place and this week it came in fifth. Grossing an impressive $219 million domestically to date and $426.6 million worldwide, it continues to impress.

Paramount’s comedy, Jackass Presents:  Bad Grandpa dropped down to second place with $20.5 million, for a total of $62 million to date.  CBS Films brought out the “mature” star power in Last Vegas, which helped the film debut at third place with $16.5 million.

Relativity’s Free Birds came in fourth, just slightly behind Last Vegas with $16.2 million.

Although Gravity is now in fifth place it is still leads all the top four this week in domestic grosses by three times the highest grosser, Bad Grandpa.  In fact, it leads all top ten boxoffice films this week in total grosses to date.

#6 – Captain Phillips (Sony) at $8.5 weekend; $82.5 total domestic

#7 – 12 Years a Slave (FoxS) at $4.6 weekend; $4.7 total domestic

#8 – Cloudy Chance of Meatballs 2 (Sony) $.2 weekend; $106.1 total domestic

#10 – The Counselor (Fox) $3.2 weekend; $13.3 total domestic

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