Tom Cruise’s “Oblivion” Opens Overseas With Impressive $61.1M


By Brittany Valadez

International markets absolutely love Tom Cruise’s Sci-Fi Thriller Oblivion — which means the American release debuts next weekend will also enjoy a profitable opening weekend. Overseas, the film earned an impressive $61.1 million, meaning that it’s well on its way to long term profitability. Say what you want about Mr. Cruise… movie audiences love his movies! And it only cost Universal $120M to make Oblivion!

There will never be a day when Cruise will not star in some sort of sci-fi flick. Why should he stop now? After all, that’s what he’s known for.

Oblivion directed by Joseph Kosinski (Tron:Legacy), showcases Cruise as security repairman Jack Harper in the future, 2077. His job is to secure the remaining resources that are still left on the Earth after several years of heavy warfare. After completion of his mission, he would then move to another location to live with the remaining survivors.

While on his mission, he stumbles upon a beautiful woman.  Upon meeting the woman, he begins to unearth truths, and finds that he connects to the Earth of the past.  Aside from the fact that he saved her, the two begin to feel a romantic connection.

Morgan Freeman, who plays Bleech, assures that what stands out in the film, is the ‘…love story. It’s one we haven’t seen before.

movies-oblivion-olga-kurylenko-tom-cruiseOlga Kurylenko (Magic City/Starz), (Julia) the mysterious woman rescued by Harper, said that she would watch videos  of old romantic movies to prepare for her on-screen romance with Cruise.

In addition to landing the girl, Harper had bigger issues on hand. He of course, has to rescue planet Earth. Forced to gain confidence to save humanity, Harper attempts to beat all odds he feels are not in his favor.

Cruise certainly has a pull in reeling in actors for his projects. Freeman said that his reason for starring in the film was Tom Cruise. He lists himself as a “huge fan.”

Well, for any fans of Freeman’s, he urges you to ask for a photo. He believes that it’s his job to go above the norm.

“I owe the public more than a good performance…I owe them a little bit more.”

Oblivion  releases in the U.S. on April 19th in 3,800 theaters.  Foreign boxoffice has already reached  $61 million.



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