Latino Film Buzz: “Tio Papi” in Theaters September 6th

Fatima Ptacek

By Christina Rosas Anastasiou

Latino Films Creating Buzz

Tio Papi has been garnering attention in the film festival circuit and was recently honored by the New York Film Commission. The film has been recognized by the Screen Actors Guild in LA, Miami, and New York. The film will be theatrically released nationwide September 6th 2013.  

It was a bachelor’s life for hard working and fun-loving Ray Ray Dominguez who dreams of leaving the barrio in NYC for a more carefree existence in Florida. That’s until one day when everything changes and he became a reluctant “Tio Papi” to his sister’s six kids, ages 6-16. Now, in charge of raising this energetic bunch, Ray Ray must make important decisions on what life is all about. Combining heart warming drama with light heart comedy,

Directed by Fro Rojas and written by Joey Dedio. Dedio plays the lead role of Ray Ray Dominguez, an NYC bachelor who takes on the role of “dad” after he inherits his sister’s six children.  Tio Papi is an upbeat story of life’s unexpected surprises and ultimately what matters most, the love of familia.

Joey Dedio
Joey Dedio

The film’s message of family relationships and values should be well received by audiences eager to see a good hearted film. Audiences will also love the rest of the vibrant cast including actor Franky G (The Italian Job) who plays the role of Ray Ray’s best friend, actor David Castro (27 Dresses) and young actress Fatima Ptacek, who’s the voice of Dora on the hit t.v. show  Dora the Explorer.  We caught up with Fatima who talks about her experience on the film. She was recently nominated for an Imagen Award.

LH: Did you have fun working with Joey and the rest of the cast on Tio Papi?

Fatima: I had an incredibly fun time working with Joey Dedio and the rest of the cast.  Joey and the team went out of their way to make the set a “kid friendly” environment and every day we had little adventures during our down time! It was hilarious to hear production calling out, “Ok, little kids are good. Can we have the big kids settle down please? We’re getting ready to shoot! “

 LH: What was your favorite part about playing Angela?

Fatima: My favorite thing about playing the role of Angela was that she is very different than me, so I had to get into character each day.  Angela is extremely mischievous, immature, and basically “at war” with her twin brother. I’m not like that at all.  I have a strong personality, but I’m not at all malicious. I’m very mature and I love, love, love my brothers!

LH: How do you like being the voice of Dora the Explorer?

Fatima: I am so honored to be the voice of Dora the Explorer and I am so very proud to be a part of this iconic project. It is so satisfying knowing that millions of kids see Dora as a role model and I actually play a part in teaching them valuable lessons about the importance of setting and achieving goals, maintaining a positive attitude, and working together with others while at the same time exposing them to Latino culture and some Spanish language too. I just started working on a new animated TV show on Nickelodeon called Dora and Friends: Into the City.  Dora is a little older and her adventures now take place in a city. She’s the same problem-solving, reliable friend to the viewers, but now she is working together with a group of new friends who are working to make their community a better place. It is really an awesome project and I know that kids will love it!

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