The Glory of “42”

42: The True Story of An American Legend

April 15th is Jackie Robinson Day — Pay Homage —
Go See The film!


By Brittany Valadez

The story of baseball legend Jackie Robinson (portrayed by Chadwick Boseman)unfolds in the new Legendary Pictures/Warner Brother’s biopic, 42.

For the audience, the urge to bolt onto the screen to protect Robinson and his family is felt throughout the entire theater. Besides the fact that it’s impossible, there’s no need, since Robinson defends his character by staying quiet and failing to fight.
The film is more than just black and white; in fact, it’s beauty lies in the relationship between black and white.

Harrison Ford courts Oscar territory with his role as Brooklyn Dodgers team executive Branch Rickey. Rickey is a witty man of the Methodist faith. It is his intention to hire the first African-American baseball player, for reasons of morals and money. Throughout the entire film, he consistently references his faith, and bonds with Robinson over their shared values.

In order to acheive a difference, both Rickey and Robinson united over a common goal, change. To prepare him for all the taunting, tormenting and hate he would receive, Rickey tested Robinson. Before his initial signing, he taunted and tormented to ignite a reaction from Robinson. It was not an intention to hurt, but to prepare him to stand firm.

He did truly care for Robinson, as he gave him special treatment to protect him and his family.  He believed in what he was doing, and knew how unfairly Robinson, and African-Americans in general were treated.

It is often said that change starts at home. The first step in acceptance was of course, Robinson’s selection. The majority of Robinson’s team initially rejected him. Ignorance stood before love and understanding.  But his professional home was his team. They had to learn to change in order for the fans, and the world to lay aside racism and hate.

This film isn’t another history lesson. It’s a story of faith, courage, perseverance and faith. Audiences will be captivated by the relationship between Robinson and Rickey. Those who practice faith will be blessed by Rickey’s love for Robinson. Now, the world will know the importance of 42.

Be sure to check out the film out now in theaters.


It’s been 66 years since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball on the field with the Brooklyn Dodgers and sports fans attending any Major League Baseball game this Monday, April 15th, every major league player will be sporting 42 in honor Jackie Robinson, in what is otherwise known as “Jackie Robinson Day.”

New York Yankees pitcher #42, Mariano Rivera, a Panamanian, is the last major league player to ever wear the “42” shirt. After Rivera retires, so will number 42.

42 easily won the number one box-office grossing film for this past weekend, grossing $9.1M on Friday, and $27M for the weekend. Not only is that the biggest baseball opening weekend on record, it’s the biggest baseball-themed opening weekend even when adjusted for inflation (in 2013 dollars, A League of Their Own has a debut of $26.6 million).  This is good news for the somewhat beleaguered Warner Bros, which has seen the disappointing returns for Bullet to the HeadBeautiful Creatures, and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (all well under $25 million in domestic totals).

42 and its stars, Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman will be courting Oscars.


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