San Diego Exclusive: “After School” Indie Sheds Light on Child Sex Abuse-Slavery

One Teacher. One Boy. One Cop Confront Child Sex Abuse-Slavery in America!

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Special Screening – Saturday, June 27th 2015
6PM – Reception | 7:30PM – Screening
Q&A To Follow
UltraStar Cinemas – Mission Valley

SAN DIEGO – True Form Films in association with The Hispanic Arts Theatre and LatinHeat Media Institute Film Series present a one-night special screening of the award-winning, suspense-drama After School on Saturday, June 27th at the UltraStar Cinemas in Mission Valley, 7510 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego, CA.

Written by Ruben Padilla, After School’s stars Mauricio Mendoza (Resurrection Blvd., Angeles, Blow), Yeniffer Behrens-Mendoza (General Hospital, Desperate Housewives, Sons of Anarchy), Vance Valencia (Contact, Die Hard2) and introducing 14-year old Adrian Moreira-Behrens (Sidewayz, Major Crimes, Stalker). These four actors give compassionate, heartfelt and chilling performances that leave audiences stunned as they take movie-viewers through the confrontation of one boy’s retaliation against his abusers.

The film also has an impressive ensemble of co-stars—Fanny Veliz, Julia Vera, Andy Martinez Jr., Carly Thomas-Smith, Ricky Saenz, Lawrence Razo, Zylan Brooks, Manolo Travieso, RoseAnn Kelley, Oscar Rodriguez, Isabella Briggs, and twins Emily and Abigail Ozrey.

When Yeniffer Behrens formed True Form Films in 2009, it was with the purpose to make a difference one film at a time. Today, with co-producing partners DeWayne Cox and Mauricio Mendoza, they are fulfilling their company’s vision with After School—a movie that gives victims of child sexual abuse and all that is related to these horrific crimes, a voice and a sense of closure.

“After School” brings together one teacher and one cop to confront the evils of child abuse-sex slavery in America to save one boy in crisis.

Co-directed by Carlos Melendez and Mendoza, After School tells the story of how one-day a young boy’s life is forever changed after an explosive confrontation with his abusers, revealing the horrific consequences of his child sexual abuse, forced slave labor and his call-for-help desperation. The challenge was to direct Adrian, the young actor in the role of “Jacky” with sensitivity.

“I knew I could tap into my emotions and really feel Jacky’s pain,” explained Adrian. “This role has made me grow as an actor and I know I’ll be able to do any emotional part thrown at me. Jacky represents all the kids who are being abused and don’t have a voice. I feel honored to be the one who speaks up for them.”

“We are all parents,” Behrens-Mendoza added. “And as parents, this is one of our biggest fears. We urge you to watch After School and that together collectively we start a conversation and not just about stats and facts. But about not turning a blind eye or allow fear to paralyze an adult from saving a child. We must continue to teach children to speak up and for parents to ask questions—make them aware of the problem in the U.S., yes here in our communities.

Mendoza also hopes the film will bring more awareness and focus to outstanding organizations like Youth For Human Rights International and National Center For Missing & Exploited Children. “They exist for the protection of children, yet in some cultures, like Latinos, this topic continues to remain taboo,” said Mendoza.

“Children are suffering unspeakable, traumatizing horrors and they live with those secrets that tear their insides,” said Behrens-Mendoza, “and they need to address their pain before it destroys them. We hope our movie helps to liberate victims to speak up and get help.”

After School brings together two souls who are in suffering in silence until they are forced to face their crippling fears and fight back because they have nothing else to lose.


Tickets limited, early online purchase recommended.

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About True Form Films (TFF):
True Form Films, Inc. is an experienced and culturally diverse, full service production company, whose goal is to deliver powerful, high quality solutions for production needs. Founded in 2009 by actor Yeniffer Behrens with the objective and vision to create films that matter and inspire. The company believes in making films that have strong messages with commercial appeal. Today, with producing partners, Mauricio Mendoza and DeWayne Cox, they create and co-produce productions like Lourdes Colon’s Create Option C: My Journey With Cancer, a critically acclaimed, award-winning documentary that will be screened at 2015 Cannes Film Festival. In 2010 Mendoza, Behrens produced Soul Sisters episode for the award-winning web series Encounters.

About “After School” Film:
A completed narrative feature film produced by True Form Films, which has garnered multiple awards: two Best Film Awards, two Best Actor Awards for 13-year old Adrian Moreira-Behrens, three Best Director Awards, two Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress! There have been many more nominations including Imagen Awards and recently, five more for the prestigious Maverick Film Awards! After School has been an official selection in the Idyllwild International festival of Cinema, Encuentro Mundial de Cine Latino, Xicanindie Film Festival, Georgia Latino Film Festival, Viva Latino New York Film Festival and Hispanicize 2015 in Miami. Producers: Yeniffer Behrens, DeWayne Cox, Mauricio Mendoza, Stephen Murray Writer: Ruben Padilla Film Directors: Carlos Melendez, Mauricio Mendoza Cinematographer: Mike Testin Editor/Post Production: Stephen J. Murray Composers: Joel Clarkson, Isaac Owen Richardson.

About LHMI Indie Film Screening Series:

Latin Heat Media Institute (LHMI) is a non-profit organization which utilizes multiple platforms and strategic alliances to inform, educate, connect, and empower Latinos in entertainment by providing the resources and tools, as well as insight into relevant issues in the entertainment industry that inform and advance Latinos in media. For more info: CLICK HERE


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