Paul Walker’s Emotional Performance in His Last Film “Hours”


Opens Wide In Limited Release December 13th

By Mary Chuy

No one predicted the enormous damage hurricane Katrina would cause in New Orleans on August 23, 2005. As no one could have predicted that actor Paul Walker, known worldwide for his role as Brian O’Conner in the The Fast and Furious franchise, would no longer be with us when his latest film Hours releases on December 13th.

Walker and Genesis Rodriguez

Hours is a suspense thriller, or better yet “hours of terror and heartbreaking moments” experienced by Nolan Hayes (Paul Walker) as his wife Abigail (Genesis Rodriguez)  goes into early labor.  Arriving at a New Orleans Hospital desperate, as any expectant parent would be when they encounter complication, and anxious to meet their newborn, things start to go terribly wrong when Hurricane Katrina arrives forcing an evacuation of the hospital.

The film was certainly a difficult one for me to watch. For one, I’m a mother and I think all mothers out there will agree, we are not only protective and loving of our own child, but we can also feel the pain when something tragic happens to any child…or their mothers.

But I was looking forward to seeing up-and-coming actress Genesis Rodriguez’s performance, and I was not disappointed.  From the moment she is wheeled into the delivery room, and throughout the movie, I experienced her pain, wisdom and the love she had for her husband. But once she dies, Walker’s character literally carries the rest of the film by himself, because he is left all alone to care for his pre-mature baby when the hospital is evacuated.  The emotive side of Walker as Nolan takes your breath away as he relives his life with wife Abigail in one-way conversations he has with his baby, who struggles for her life.

Paul Walker.hours

I find it hard to imagine how it will be for New Orleans residents who will watch this film, to have to relive those tragic moments that destroyed so many lives.  This film will definitely trigger those memories and emotions.  But the film is not only a reminder of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, but also of how strong the human spirit can be in the fight to survive.

But most heart wrenching is how difficult it is to forget that this talented, and by all accounts from those who knew him, beautiful person, Paul Walker is no longer with us.

Despite all this, or in spite of it all, I will be one of the first persons to stand in line and buy a ticket to see Hours on Dec 13th.  Because I love a good meaningful film!

I also love and want to support our Latinos in Hollywood and Genesis Rodriguez is one actress who I believe will soon be a household name.  Other Latino faces include Nick Gomez, Michelle Torres and J. Omar Castro.

Going to see this film will be my tribute and how I will pay my respects to Paul Walker, who I never met but have always admired and respected as an actor and humanitarian. Yes I will bring a box of Kleenex with me…

Cast:  Paul Walker, Genesis Rodriguez, Nick Gomez, Lena Clark, Michelle Torres, J. Omar Castro

Directed by:  Eric Heisserer
Produced by: Peter Safran
Written by: Eric Heisserer
Genre: Suspense Thriller

Distributor:  Panteleon/Lionsgate

In loving memory of Paul Walker  (1973-2013)

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