Patricia Rae’s Big Interview Reveal

The star of Maria Full of Grace and the upcoming The Big Wedding  this fall — a deeper peek into her fascinating life….

Special interview excerpt from our friends at Herald de Paris

With permission by Herald de Paris Deputy Managing Editor, Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez 

Award-winning Actress Patricia Rae’s quest to become an actress started when she was in elementary school where she admits her smart mouth got her in plenty of trouble with her grandmother. “I got a lot of spankings,” she recalls. “I wanted to be American, so from an early age, I was already pretending… to fit in.”

Rae’s breakout role came in the Oscar nominated feature film Maria Full of Grace in 2004. This was her first acting experience in a Spanish language film. She is of Colombian ancestry, born in Manhattan and raised in the Queens Borough of New York City. She grew up with Sesame Street and was a huge fan of comedy queens Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball.

Her first professional job can in the NBC super hit, Miami Vice (series aired1984-1990). Best memories of that experience? “Philip Michael Thomas was very friendly. He rubbed my feet,” she laughs. “And, this show gave me my union card.”


Al Carlos: Tell us about the Lee Strasberg Institute…what did you learn, how did that experience inform your work over the years? Would you like to teach acting someday?

Patricia Rae: …The Lee Strasberg Institute made me run to therapy. They teach emotional recall. Sense memory. I started digging up dramatic memories from my past, to use in class and realized I was screwed up, and needed to deal with it. I have learned to memorize emotions without using real events. It is less stressful. I do teach acting. I coach students for on-camera auditions.

AC: Why did you leave New York and move to Los Angeles? Did you experience culture shock?

 PR: I left to work more, and I did. I booked Nightstalker and Maria Full of Grace within a month of being in town. It was very lonely and I had to struggle to make a life for the first two years. New York was my home. Los Angeles is home now. You have to search out the culture in L.A. – New York is culture.

AC: What are some of the industry misconceptions about you?

 PR: One of the biggest misconceptions that will come from the success of The Big Wedding [Rae’s upcoming film] is going to be that I don’t speak English. Ha!

AC: Tell us about your new film “The Big Wedding”…

PR: Working with Diane Keaton and [Robert] DeNiro has been a highlight in my career. Diane was mesmerizing. I was so lucky to witness her process. She is childlike in front of the lens. DeNiro is a legend. Period. I was blessed. This movie is going to give me international exposure… and, hopefully a new level of success. We shall see.

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