“Mission Park’s” Fernanda Romero On Working With Guys

Caught in the middle of two childhood friends, Fernanda Romero’s character must choose where her heart lies… and her decision might destroy their lives.


 Fernando Romero

Mission Park in theaters now at AMC Theaters in L.A., NYC, Chicago, and San Antonio

By Elia Esparza 

Mission Park opened this weekend and the audience feedback has been over the top great! If you haven’t seen it yet, check at selected Santikos in San Antonio, TX as well as AMC Theatres in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City on September 6, 2013. Then it will expand to Bakersfield, Pittsburg and Salinas, CA through Maya Cinemas on September 13, 2013.

Torn apart over time, the ambitions of four childhood friends place them on both sides of the law. Young FBI agents Bobby (Jeremy Ray Valdez) and Julian (Will Rothhaar) are forced to infiltrate and take down a drug organization run by the untouchable kingpin Jason (Walter Perez) and his right-hand man Derek (Joseph Julian Soria).”

Latin Heat has interviewed the producers and male cast but we decided that the main female role of Gina portrayed by Fernanda Romero (Drag Me to Hell) should have her own stand alone profile!

Fernanda Romero in the middle of her Mission Park men, Walter Perez, Jeremy Ray Valdez
Fernanda Romero in the middle of her Mission Park men, Walter Perez, Jeremy Ray Valdez

Gina (Fernanda Romero) is the gorgeous woman caught between Bobby (Jeremy Ray Valdez) and Jason (Walter Perez), two former childhood friends. Her next move will determine where her heart lies and whose life is worth saving.”

Fernanda’s career as a busy Mexican actress has crossed over to Hollywood, appearing in Without Men, where she starred opposite Eva Longoria. Other films include: The Eye with Jessica Alba, The Red Canvas, Drag Me to Hell, and The Buring Pain. We caught up with her and cornered her to chit-chat about Mission Park.

LH: Fernanda as the sole Latina headlining Mission Park, how was it to work with all these gorgeous guys?

FERNANDA: Amazing! Like we say in Mexico “Bendita entre los hombres.”

 LH: What was it about the script that appealed to you most?

FERNANDA: That it had an amazing cast attached and the leads were Latinos…also that is based on a true story.

LH: Did you have to battle any macho-man idiot antics on the set? How did you handle it?

FERNANDA: MMM not really, they were all super nice. I’ve always been one of the guys. So it was easy to deal with all the testosterone on set.

 LH: Was there any part of the story that you personally related to?

FERNANDA: God it’s hard to say, but I’ve been in a love triangle conflict before…shoot I just said that!

Thank you Fernanda!

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Mission Park – Opens September 6, 2013
An Armando Montelongo Productions
Written and Directed by Bryan Ramirez
Executive Producer: Armando Montelongo
Producers: Douglas Spain, David J. Phillips 
Cinematographer: Thomas Nador
Cast: Jeremy Ray Valdez, Will Rothhaar, Walter Perez, Joseph Julian Soria, Will Estes, Vivica A. Fox, Fernanda RomeroJesse Borrego and David J. Phillips.

Check out the list below for a theater near you and we just learned that the Santikos Theaters in San Antonio, Texas, will also have the film in four of their prime locations.

Don’t forget to LIKE the film on FB: https://www.facebook.com/missionpark

Visit film website: http://missionparkthemovie.com

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More info on Armando Montelongo, visit: http://www.armandomontelongo.com

Los Angeles (AMC Theaters):

Burbank 8, Burbank, CA

Universal CityWalk 19, Los Angeles, CA

Norwalk 20, Norwalk, CA

Ontario 30, Ontario, CA

Orange 30, Orange, CA

Tyler 16, Riverside, CA

Galleria At South Bay 16, Redondo Beach, CA

Chicago (AMC Theaters):

Cicero 14, Cicero, IL

Galewood 14, Chicago, IL

New York (AMC Theaters):

Empire 25, New York, NY

San Antonio (Santikos Theaters):

Palladium IMAX, San Antonio, TX

Silverado 16, San Antonio, TX

Mayan Palace, San Antonio, TX

Northwest, San Antonio, TX

As of September 3rd, more theaters added:

1 at Santikos Movie Theatres Rialto in San Antonio, Texas:

3 at Maya Cinemas in Bakersfield, Pittsburg and Salinas, CA:

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