Jorge Vega brings the Latino flavor to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″


By Mary Chuy

New York, NY – You may recognize Jorge Vega as the voice of Ogre Doug in the hit animated series Wally Kazam on Nick Jr.  Soon you will be able put the face to the name as he makes his film debut in the much anticipated film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 where he played the role of a boy who deals with bullying, a cause that he cares about very much.  In a recent interview he told us, “I don’t think people have the right to judge someone, by the way they think, dress or for who they are”

JorgeVegaOgre_DougDuring the filming of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Vega got to act opposite to Andrew Garfield and Paul Giamatti, an experience he describes as “a great opportunity, and not only as an actor.” Jorge looks upon Garfield with admiration which quickly turned into a close bond of friendship and brotherhood on the set.

Jorge Vega was born in San Juan Puerto, moved to New York at the age of three, and now at nine years old has an impressive resume including four short films, National TV and radio commercials in English and Spanish, print advertising, and TV spots for Team Umizoomi and Dora the Explorer.  On Christmas of 2013 he was cast in The Radio City Christmas Spectacular Shine Tour where he played the role of Ben and shared the stage with the famous Rockettes during their tour to Atlanta, West Palm Beach and Tampa, where he said he had the best time, adding “I love the stage”

Even at his young age, Vega is very aware of the dedication and discipline that an actor must have. He credits his success to his Mom who helps him prepare for auditions. “My Mom is great! And she has helped me so much,” and addsActually I probably wouldn’t have got anywhere without her support”

When this talented young man got the call from his agent telling him that he got the part in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, his mom started to cry while Jorge did his happy dance. That was the beginning of a series of many more amazing moments for Vega. Last week he attended his first red carpet event for the premiere of the film in New York, with the highlight of the evening being when he got a kiss at the after party from one of his favorite singers Katy Perry and he sent us the photo to prove it.

JVega.KatyPerryVega’s dream is to one day work with actor Johnny Deep.  His advice for other kid actors is ” Keep going and never give up”.  And Vega does follows his own advice, because this talented young man who is not only smart, he is a natural when it comes to marketing himself. At the end of our phone conversation, Jorge made sure to ask us to ‘Like” him on Facebook and to follow him on Instagram.  He can count on me to do that, because we are convinced that Jorge Vega will keep surprising us in his many more film roles to come, and we want to make sure to follow his work.

Jorge Vega is represented by Shirley Grant Management

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