Indie Film Homebound: Fanny Veliz Journey to a Digital Distribution Release

Homebound.KikiHomebound releases on June 10th will simultaneously on ITunes, Amazon, IndieFlix and GooglePlay

It has been quite a journey for the indie film Homebound produced and directed by Fanny Veliz.  In fact it has been almost five years since Veliz embarked on producing the film she set out to make in order  “…to transform the conversation about Latinos in the media and offer a heartfelt human story about what it means to struggle with real problems in the United States.”

After traveling the country screening at film festivals and picking up awards; after doing community screenings through the Tugg, a distribution model that brings an “on-demand” opportunities for filmmakers to utilize their services and bring the their films to local audiences, Homebound is at its final stages of distribution, which will make it accessible to everyone in the country and internationally.

Homebound is a heartfelt story of a successful young man who returns to his small hometown, El Campo, Texas. He has to help his father Gilberto(Enrique Castillo) who’s ill with cancer, run the family business, a dilapidated bar. Richard Lynn (Jeremiah Ocanas) , accidentally falls in love for the first time with Sofia,  a Venezuelan immigrant who speaks very little English.

HomeboundPosterThe one constance in this filmmaking journey is the unwavering Veliz.  With no marketing dollars, Veliz was a the driving force in getting the word out there, mostly through social media.  “I’ve promoted it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email campaigns, even Whatsapp! No matter what I do it just doesn’t seem enough,” Veliz explained. “Studios have millions of marketing dollars so all I can do is do my best within my means.”

On June 10th, the journey comes to the end, at least the push to get the film distributed.  On June 10th Homebound will be released simultaneously on ITunes, Amazon, IndieFlix and GooglePlay.

“This is a huge opportunity for so many to see what I’m trying to do with my work which is to showcase diversity, for that to happen people need to know the movie exists,” says Velez of the long and rewarding journey. “I do know this, I’ve given it my BEST! It’s in God’s hands now and he’s bigger than any studio or PR firm.


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