Hector Echavarria, Steven Bauer’s “Chavez Cage of Glory” World Premiere

First Time Iconic Mann Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Premieres a Film
Made by a Latino Indie Filmmaker!
Chavez Cage 1

In theatres on Friday, September 13, 2013

By Lissette Rivas

The night was young and already there were media outlets aligned on the side and within the vicinity of the red carpet who were anxiously awaiting the stars of the film, Destiny Entertainment’s Chavez Cage of Glory to arrive.

This night would be memorable in more then one way! The stars, filmmakers and crew were ready to savor this moment in being able to celebrate all that they had put into the making of this film, but as a Latina this night was also unforgettable in that this is the first time that a Latino independent filmmaker would have his film premiered at the infamous Mann Chinese Theatre in Hollywood! It was also a first for this journalist to be able to witness and join in the celebration.

Chavez Cage of Glory stars: Hector Echavarria, Steven Bauer, Danny Trejo, James Russo Patrick Kilpatrick, and Sadie Katz”

With the arrival of the stars on the red carpet both Steven Bauer (Ray Donovan) and Hector Echavarria (who also directed) were both as charming as ever. Their smiles spoke volumes of their enthusiasm and pride of having finally arrived after the filming journey.

Hector Steven

I caught up with the writer/director and star Hector Echavarria and asked him how it felt for him to be able to share this special night with his son.  “Amazing! Simply amazing!” The enthusiastic martial arts champion, international businessman and filmmaker was savoring every moment.

 In Chavez Cage of Glory, Echavarria plays Hector Chavez, an underdog MMA club fighter who becomes an internet sensation and with his fifteen minutes of fame he is invited to compete for the championship belt. Hector goes for it because he needs to win the money that can be used towards saving his ailing young son’s life.

Chavez Cage of Glory illustrates both the entertaining fighting sequences, and reflects on the difficult choices that one may have to make in order to do what is in their family’s best interest.”

The role of young Hector in the film played by Mads Finegan-Smith was asked how he liked his role in this film?  “Loved my role in the film, and love being on this red carpet,” he answered with a gleaming smile. Mads is a fine actor and no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

From the start of the film and towards the end the audience applauded and cheered – it was clear they loved the movie! As an MMA fan myself it was quite impressive to be able to view the realistic MMA fighting sequences that Echavarria had described in an earlier interview. Absolutely it was the realistic fighting scenes Echavarria’s character delivered was a crowd pleaser assessed by the roaring cheers from the audience. All of his dedication to fighting and being such a successful person in general could be seen as he took the camera from angle to angle ensuring that the moves he and the actors made in the cage while portraying to fight were very believable. During the fighting scenes there were moments when it felt like I was at a live MMA fight. It was awesome!

At the end of the movie and the celebration afterwards, it was clear this audience was entertained, engaged and impressed as attested by applause and crowd cheering.

Chavez Cage of Glory opens in theatres on Friday, September 13, 2013.

Chavez Cage of Glory

Destiny Entertainment Productions
Director/Writer/Executive Producer: Hector Echavarria
Producers: Joel M. Gonzalez, Pablo Garcia, Patrick Kilpatrick, Paula Moreno, Travis Murray, Jennifer Oquizie, Ken Schwenker
Cinematograper: Seo Mutarevic
Cast Members: Hector Echavarria, Steven Bauer, Danny Trejo, James Russo, Patrick Kilpatrick, and Sadie Katz

More on Hector Echavarria:
While Chavez Cage of Glory is a fictional story there remain some elements of Echavarria’s childhood. Similar to the situation seen in the film, where his character’s child was ill and needed surgery because his life was at stake, as a child Echavarria also fought for his life. Fortunately as a child he was able to take martial arts classes and as a result he overcame his health ailments.

With such a mind set and life style that embodies wellness, Hector Echavarria can also be found tackling the child hood obesity issue that plagues so many.  By working with CEO and President Joel Gonzales from Nosotros (founded by Ricardo Montalban) classes geared towards fitness are being established for the youth to take in order to better prevent childhood obesity.

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