Hector Echavarria, Steven Bauer On Making “Chavez Cage of Glory”

 Chavez Cage

By Lissette Rivas

Hector Chavez has had one too many childhood memories that are laced with violence. He is a man whose memory of having his father’s forceful strong fist smashing into his young cheek, is one that continues to haunt him.

Hector Chavez is the character whose life is chronicled in director Hector Echavarria’s film Chavez Cage of Glory. Echavvarria, an Argentine-born kickboxer, martial arts master, actor, and with his film, turns the best of his experiences into a glorious inspiring story about a man, Hector Chavez who turned his dark and painful past into a passion to survive and lead him to his ultimate victory… save his son without losing his soul.

Chavez leans on his Mix Martial Arts fighting roots to create MMA videos which go viral and just like that, Hector is given a dream opportunity to go up against the MMA World Champion. Conquering the fight means his young son can get the life-saving surgery he is in desperate need of. Chavez will have to face more than just his inner demons… he will have to draw from the best of his character, soul and spirit to conquer the big prize. Kind of like the same odds and emotions Rocky Balboa faced in fighting Apollo Creed.

Chavez Cage of Glory stars Hector Echavarria, Danny Trejo, James Russo, Steven Bauer, Patrick Kilpatrick, and Sadie Katz. Echavarria’s film is also a story of two brothers who share the same painful past.  One turns to fighting for glory and the other turns to God for salvation. Co-starring as Hector’s brother Jose is Steven Bauer (Ray Donovan/Showtime, Counterpunch), who happens to be a priest who works towards healing his community. Two wounded men seeking victory for different reasons.

The diverse paths exhibited by both brothers would surely test their bond. Hector fights to support his family… now he is in the fight of his life in order to save his little boy’s life. Jose on the other hand never gives up hope that Hector will one day be more open to welcome the Lord into his life. The brothers are battling their own weaknesses.

Echavarria, along with his long list of achievements, in 2000 was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Bauer is also a huge fan of MMA events and very familiar with the sport. “I admire the fighters, especially those considered the underdog,” said Bauer, “just like the fighters in this film.” Bauer can also be seen in the film, Last I Heard with Paul Sorvino, which recently screened at the Hooly Shorts film festival at the Mann Chinese Theatre.  At the recent 28th Imagen Awards, Bauer caught up with friends and fans and was there to also support the film CubAmerican, directed, written and produced by Jose Enrique Pardo, which was nominated for best documentary for film or television.

Echavarria poured his extensive training and experience into Chavez Cage of Glory, and it shows through the many accurate fighting sequences in the film. He trained like he’s never trained before to ensure he would deliver and capture realistic fighting scenes. And, they are sensational.

Why is Chavez Cage of Glory important for the Latino community? “Because it shows a Latino hero in a positive role,” explained Echavarria. “A Latino hero who holds the bonds of having a family… is of great importance to Latinos.”

Save the date: Chavez Cage of Glory will be playing on Friday September 13, 2013!

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Glory Chavez Cage of Glory – Opens September 13th
Destiny Entertainment Productions
Director/Writer/Executive Producer: Hector Echavarria
Producers: Joel M. Gonzalez, Pablo Garcia, Patrick Kilpatrick, Paula Moreno, Travis Murray, Jennifer Oguizie, Ken Schwenker
Cinematographer: Seo Mutarevic
Cast: Hector Echavarria, Danny Trejo, James Russo, Steven Bauer, Patrick Kilpatrick, and Sadie Katz

More on Hector Echavarria
As a child, Echavarria suffered from asthma, it was martial arts that saved his life and taught him so much about respect and being disciplined. These tools have become part of the foundation for his success – in the film and in life. Active in the Latino community, Echavarria currently serves as a member of the Honorary Advisory Board for the Latino film, TV and stage organization, Nosotros, founded by Ricardo Montalban. He works closely with Nosotros CEO and President, Joel Gonzalez. Through youth programs offered by Nosotros, Echavarria plans to help in the fight towards childhood obesity. In regards to the future, Echavarria explained that he would like to produce more films, and I am certain he will continue to add on to the success he has already established.

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