Greg Morgan’s Thriller “The Boatman” Opens on December 16th

On this border, even death has a guide….

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Film Punk Films proudly announces the release of Greg Morgan’s award-winning film, The Boatman, starring Oscar Torre, Yvonne De La Rosa and Noemi Dunbar. The paranormal thriller opens on Friday, December 16th and runs through December 23, 2016 (check your local listings for show times).

The Boatman is a border story unlike no other, as it depicts the journey across the US-Mexican border as real and gritty as the experience is for the multitude of immigrants who risk their lives for a better future. The film accurately captures the powerful images of real human lives at stake.

“I’m excited about our theatrical release and with the current political news, hoping it provides a humanistic view into the trials of the immigrant especially those that have passed on during their journey,” said Morgan who co-wrote his fourth film, The Boatman, with Duke Addelman. His first three films 17 & Under (1998), The Substance of Things Hoped For (2006), and The Playaz Court (2000), all found distribution.

In The Boatman, Morgan captures the depth of anxiety and fear that every man and woman who treks this journey endure. The film also grapples with grief and that space between life and death—the agony all mortal souls must ultimately face.

At the center of the story is the mysterious Miguel aka “El Maldito” (The Cursed One). Miguel, brilliantly embodied by award-winning actor Oscar Torre, is a loner with a reputation of being one of the few Coyote’s (human smuggler) who rarely fails navigating his people across the unpredictable river that divides the U.S. and Mexico. Miguel wrestles with a past he cannot remember and a future that is littered with corpses. Known as “El Maldito”, Miguel seems haunted by the dead and dying. He comes upon them on desert roads; he hears their confessions and takes part in their dying wishes.

“It was such a great experience working with Greg from the moment I signed on to do the film. A director that knows exactly what he wants but is also a collaborator. From the first day on set, he made me feel like I can do no wrong – he makes it very easy to take chances, which tends to lead to very good work on the part of the actors,” said Oscar Torre.

“As a coyote sneaks immigrants across the U.S. border, strange occurrences attempt to reveal his own truth.”

Along with Torre (Ladron Que Roba A Ladron, The Hangover III, Counterpunch), The Boatman also stars, singer-songwriter in her debut film, Noemi Dunbar, Yvonne DeLaRosa (Borderline, Longmire, Los Americans), Carlos Montilla (Jane The Virgin) and Rogelio T. Ramos (We’re Alive: Lockdown).

Every character in The Boatman is unsettled—from the immigrants to the locals to the criminals to Elena (Dunbar), the mysterious girl who claims to be his daughter, and ultimately to “El Maldito.” Each of the main characters surrounding Miguel has a purpose, and slowly the movie reveals the secrets behind his lonely existence.

The Boatman will evoke different emotions from viewers, as the film weaves drama, suspense, and mystery into a gripping meditation on death and identity. Most satisfying is the stylized cinematography, supernatural undertones, and Miguel’s haunting voiceover.

The Boatman has garnered film festival awards during it’s film festival tour at Idyllwild, BLOW-UP Chicago International, Tallgrass Independent, Macabre, Cinema On The Bayou, Velvet Rope, Georgia Latino, IndieFest, Colorado International, Awareness, Mexico International, Motor City Nightmares, and Nevada Film Festival. Awards include Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor (Oscar Torre), Best Screenplay Feature Film, Best Supporting Actress (Yvonne Delarosa), Best Actress (Noemi Dunbar), Award of Merit, Best Narrative Feature Film, and Best Thriller Feature.

The Boatman opens on December 16th and runs through the 23rd at Arena Cinelounge, a modern cinema in a historic theater building that is known to showcase indie and hard-to-find films.

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The Boatman
Film Punk Films
Director: Greg Morgan
Story Concept: Jeanne Flynn-Morgan
Screenplay: Duke Addleman, Greg Morgan
Producers: Greg Morgan, Jeanne Flynn-Morgan
Executive Producer: Oscar Torre
Associate Producer: Duke Addleman
Director of Photography: Nicholas Matthews
Original Music: Claudiu Lazarciuc
Casting: Fanny Veliz, Gino Havens, Robin Demartino
Production Designer: Sarah Militello
Editor: Greg Morgan
Cast: Oscar Torre, Noemi Dunbar, Yvonne DeLaRosa, Carlos Montilla, Rogelio Ramos, Julien Cesario, Anthony L. Fernandez, Gene Gabriel, Michael Evans Lopez, Dean Toews, Genia Nunez, Michelle Gonzalez, Destiny Sosa, Scott Engrotti, Hugo Carbajal, Felipe Escobar, Johnny DeLeon, Ulysses Estrada, Abraham Luna, June Mock, Jason Alejo

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