Eva Longoria’s “Food Chains” Documentary is about Human Rights Issues


Premieres in English and Spanish on Nov. 21st and 28th

When a documentary creates “ahaa” moments in the audience’s minds, is a film that needs to be seen by everyone.  Food Chains is such a documentary.  Set to premiere nationwide in more than 20 cities on November 21st & 28th (list of theaters below) the film features such notables as Eva LongoriaKennedy family members, Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues), Dolores Huerta and others who lend their support to bring focus to the issue of earning a fair wage for the persons who put the food on our table.

Directed by Sanjay Rawal, Food Chains is narrated by Forest Whitaker and produced by Longoria along eleven other producers who include Smriti Keshari, David Damian Figueroa, Eric Schlosser, and Alfonso Montiel.  A coming together of some of the brightest minds in social issues and the entertainment industry, coming together from a variety of ethnic backgrounds to highlight what they call a “human rights issue” the treatment and the livelihood of farmworkers.


There is more interest in food these days than ever, yet there is very little interest in the hands that pick it. In this exposé documentary, an intrepid group of workers in Immokalee, Florida battle the $4 trillion global supermarket industry in a quest for fair wages and living condition. These are the new face of the farmworkers rights movement at a time when wages have fallen sharply as supermarket profits are at record highs, and their fight reveals the extreme imbalance between large supermarket chains and, at the end of the food chain, the laborers who tend to and pick the produce.

The “ahaa” moment comes with the realization that in the case of fair wages for farmworkers in Immokalee, it is not the farmers who are at blame.  What the Food Chains does excellently is put the blame on who they see as the real culprits, the major grocers and fast food chains who ultimately set the limit on what they will pay for a pound of tomatoes.

“We’ve been villainizing the farmers for so long in this country….but they are just pressured by ….supermarkets and fast food chains,” Longoria said on Real Time With Bill Maher.  “If the big food chains retailers would just agree to pay just 1 cent more per pound it would double the farmworkers pay and help them earn a livable wage”.


This is the second documentary that Longoria produces that focuses on farmworkers.  The first documentary The Harvest focused on child farmworker labor.  A staunch supporter of the UFW and a close friend of Dolores Huerta, Longoria works tirelessly for issues she is passionate about.  Farmworkers, special needs children, political issues, cancer patients are all close to her heart and she goes the extra mile to shine a spotlight to these issues, traveling the country (and internationally) speaking at events and doing television interviews.

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Food Chains is narrated in Spanish by Academy Award Nominee Demían Bichir and Alma Martinez.  Screen Media acquired the Food Chains when it premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. The film is unrated and has a running time of 82 minutes.  

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CITY                                      THEATER

PASADENA, TX                   Cinema Latino (en español)

Ft. WORTH, TX                     Cinema Latino (en español)

PHOENIX, AZ                       Cinema Latino (en español)

NUEVA YORK,NY               Quad Cinema, IFC Center

LOS ANGELES, CA              Laemmle Pasadena

BAKERSFIELD, CA             Maya Cinemas

BONITA SPRINGS  P         rado 12

CHICAGO, IL                        AMC SCHERERVILLE

DALLAS, TX                         AMC Mesquite

WASHINGTON, DC            West End Cinema

HOUSTON, TX                     AMC Gulf Pointe

ORLANDO, FL                     AMC Altamonte

PHOENIX                              AMC Arizona Center

PITTSBURGH, CA               Maya Cinemas

SALINAS, CA                       Maya Cinemas

TAMPA, FL                            AMC Veterans


CITY                                      THEATER

BOULDER, CO                    DAIRY CFTR

DENVER, CO                       SIE Film Center

AURORA, CO                       Cinema Latino (en español)

MINNEAPOLIS, MN          St. Anthony Main

PORTLAND, OR                  Clinton Street

SAN DIEGO, CA                  Media Arts Center

SAN FRANCISCO, CA       The Roxie Theater


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