“Ender’s Game” Producer Roberto Orci’s Dream Film

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Producer Roberto Orci first read Ender’s Game, the book written by Orson Scott Card when he was twelve years old and loved it.  Flash forward to 2013 and he now heads the list of eight producers who have brought this book adaptation by Gavin Hood (who also directs) to the screen.  The much awaited film released in 3,407 theaters November 1st  and is expected to rise to the top of the box office charts.

Originally published in 1985, Ender’s Game has built quite a following.  “It’s a book that is thirty years old and yet it is so advanced”, says Orci.  “It predicted the Internet, drone warfare, and young people being a big part of how we defend ourselves.” Orci is just as excited about the film as he was when he first read the book.  “Its a grand epic and a grand special effect movie and although audiences have seen, seemly every kind of Sci Fi story, this film still brings to light the goodness of the earth and a desire for the characters to preserve it.” Andrew “Ender” Wiggins is a child prodigy who has been chosen to be the military’s next Mazer Rackham by Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford).  He is sent to Command School, where he receives training from Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley) himself. After a series of grueling battle simulations, Ender leads his peers into a war that will determine the future of Earth and the human race. If millennials are this film’s target audience, (as most films nowadays usually are) Ender’s Game certainly will appeal to them. Unlike most other futuristic film, this one has the youth leading the battles and in line to become the heroes.  This time around the big name talent of yester year lends their star power to help them shine.  They include Harrison Ford, Oscar winner Ben Kingsley, and Oscar nominees Viola Davis. Asa Butterfield, who most recently receive much acclaim for his portrayal of the title role of Hugo in Hugo Cabret, brings strength and commitment to the character of Ender, enough to make him the young military leader with the ability to save the world. Orci is still amazed he had the good fortune to produce this film.  “When I read the book as a twelve year old, I never imagined in a million years that I would one day end up working on it”, he says. “Our goal was to be true to the book and protect the book that I read as a kid; the book that Gavin Hood (screenwriter and director) read.  Because audiences have seen everything, but they haven’t seen this!”  Hear Orci talk about this young cast HERE. A Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate theatrical release, producers include Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Gigi Pritzker, Linda McDonough, Robert Chartoff, Lynn Hendee, Orson Scott Card, and Ed Ulbrich.  Gavin Hood directs for his own screenplay. Cast includes,  Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis, Hailee Steinfeld, & Abigail Breslin Running time:  114 minutes
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