Dayanara Torres Hosts Runner Runner Exclusive Los Angeles Screening

"Runner Runner" - Los Angeles Special Screening

Runner Runner Opens Wide October 4th

Los Angeles, CA –  Dayanara Torres, actress, singer and former Miss Universe, welcomed the crowd at the Arclight Cinerama Dome   in Hollywood at the exclusive  screening of the Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck’s latest film Runner Runner which opens wide today,  October 4th.  The screening was co-presented by 20th Century Fox, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and Latin Heat.

Dyanara.lizza.croppedAttended by an eclectic mix of Hollywood insiders, business leaders and bloggers, this audience seemed to enjoy the film and got a kick out of Affleck and Timberlake’s attempts at speaking Spanish.   Nice effort.  Affleck was solid in his role of Evan Block.  You  were immediately taken by his character’s charm, then as he slowly reveals this true despicable character, were glad when he got his comeuppance.

Yul Vasquez co-stars as Delegate Herrera alongside Affleck and Timberlake and Gemma Arterton, the femme fatal who in the end does “the right thing”.  While Vasquez plays the heavy, he is no match for Affleck’s Ivan Block. In the end you you find yourself rooting for Herrera to survive the crocodiles.

Actor Raul Velez, Pili Montilla, Latin Heat's Bel Hernandez & Actress blogger Lizza Monet
Sal Velez Jr., Pili Montilla, Latin Heat’s Bel Hernandez & Lizza Monet Morales

Shot in Puerto Rico, substituting for Costa Rica, the city is the backdrop where this gambling crime drama thriller takes place, for this audience the  location became the other “character” in the film.  You knew immediately that there were several “Boriqua” in the house by the audible “awing” during the film as they images of beautiful Puerto Rico flashed on screen.

Among those in attendance were:  Pili Montilla (actress, host & blogger), director Betty Kaplan, UPM Alicia Rivera Frankel writer/director Dennis Leoni, Lizza Monet Morales (Actress, host & blogger), actor Sal  Velez Jr., Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Board members, actor Jay Montalvo, Actress/singer Marabina Jaimes.

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