“Create Option C” Screens at Los Angeles Women International Film Fest

Lourdes ColonWhen Lourdes Colon (Without a Trace) was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, she decided she would record and share her journey. She was at the peek of her acting career, having being touted for an Emmy nomination for one of her TV performances,  when she was diagnosed  back in September 2010.  After the diagnosis  she decided to bravely  film the painful journey of dealing with the disease and her decision to take the natural healing and detoxification journey to ultimate recovery.

Lourdes has been cancer free since September of 2012 and getting stronger every day.  In  2013 Colon was awarded the “Latina Of Influence Award” by Hispanic Lifestyle Magazine.

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Colon hopes to inspire and inform through sharing her documentary which she has called Create Option C. My Journey with Cancer she can inspire and and promote the message that you must fight on and never give up on yourself because of this disease.  The opportunity to share her story has come as her documentary will be screening at the Los Angeles Women International Film Festival on March 16th at 5pm.

To read more about Lourdes’ project that is been supported by  NOSOTROS visit this link:


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