Chilean Sebastián Silva’s “Crystal Fairy” Opens July 12th

IFC Films Presents the U.S. Theatrical Release of

Crystal Fairy 

Written and Directed by Chilean Filmmaker Sebastián Silva

Crystal Fair Poster

Starring Michael Cera & Gaby Hoffmann

Opens in Theaters and On Demand on July 12, 2013

With his signature flair, maverick Chilean writer/director Sebastián Silva (The Maid) returns to unearth the deadpan comedy that results from the arch rivalry between his ego-clashing characters, two American twenty-somethings traveling in Chile.

Jamie (Michael Cera) is a boorish, insensitive American, too focused on his goal at hand, who manages to create chaos at every turn while missing the true experience. Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffmann, in a breakout performance) is an eccentric, radical, free spirit who believes the journey is more important than the end result, and while she embraces everyone, she gets close to no one.

In a fit of drunkenness at a wild party, Jaime invites Crystal Fairy to join him and three Chilean brothers on a road trip to experience a legendary, shamanistic hallucinogen called the San Pedro cactus. What is meant to be a devil-may-care journey becomes a battle of wills as Jamie finds himself locking horns with his new traveling companion.  When the magic brew is finally imbibed, and the true adventure begins, preconceived notions and judgments fall away, and the ragtag group finally breaks through to an authentic moment of truth.

Winner of the prize for Best Director, World Cinema at the Sundance Film Festival, Crystal Fairy is about the gifts we can receive when we stop reaching for them.

Crystal Fair, (Chile, 2013, 98 min. In English and Spanish with English subtitles). Written and Directed by: Sebastián Silva; Executive Producers:  Diroriro (Sebastián Silva) and Fábula (Juan Ignacio Correa, Mariane Hartard, Andrea Carrasco Stuven, Sofía Subercaseaux). Produced by: Juan de Dios Larraín and Pablo Larraín; Director of Photography: Cristián Petit-Laurent; Art Director: Mark Grattan; Costume Design: Mark Grattan; Editing: Sebastián Silva, Sofía Subercaseaux, Diego Macho; Sound Design: Roberto Espinoza; Original Music: Pedro Subercaseaux. Cast: Michael Cera (Jamie), Gaby Hoffmann (Crystal Fairy), Juan Andrés Silva (Champa), José Miguel Silva (Lel), Agustín Silva (Pilo). An IFC Films ( release.


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