Castro’s Daughter Wants Banderas to Play her Father

Hollywood, CA—Fidel Castro’s Daughter, Alina Fernandez, hopes to have Antonio Banderas (Evita, The Skin I Live in) play the leading role in the upcoming film about her life. Banderas, one of Spain’s most notable, acclaimed actors, is currently in talks to play Fidel Castro in Michael Radford’s (‘Il Postino, 1984) upcoming, true-life historical drama, Castro’s Daughter.

Castro’s Daughter follows the riveting true story of Alina Fernandez, Fidel Castro’s only publicly known daughter; who, after publicly opposing her father’s political regime for years, and becoming a dissident ordered under surveillance, escaped her homeland on an airplane disguised as a Spanish tourist—with help from the international community. Film falls along the lines of Tom Hooper’s The Kings Speech; rather told from a daughters perspective—who overcomes the everlasting effects of the grips of her father through self liberation.

Fernandez feels that Banderas is the perfect actor to play Castro, commenting: “I have been a huge fan of Antonio for years, and hope to see him play my father. I think he has a phenomenal charisma, and think he has the nerve to play the role perfectly…..I’m very excited that he would consider this…”

Castro’s Daughter was written by Bobby Moresco, award-winning co-writing of Crash (Awards Oscar, BAFTA & Humanitas Prize) and Cuban Pulitzer Prize playwright Nilo Cruz.

Mankind Entertainment is a specialty film company founded by Austin, TX based producers John Torres Martinez, and Joe Lamy; for the rights acquisition, financing, development and production of feature film.

An offer has been made by Mankind Entertainment and talks are underway with Bandera’s rep at CAA, Ara Keshishian. Fernandez will be directly consulting throughout the casting and production process.

Mankind Entertainment, which is focuses primarily on award-driven content also picked up the film rights to, and are currently developing Nilo Cruz’s Pulitzer prize winning, Broadway hit, Anna in the Tropics. Writer/Director Lee Daniels (Precious) is developing the screenplay with Cruz.

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