Andy Garcia Promotes “For Greater Glory” in Mexico

Garcia Calls for More Freedom of Expression and Religion

By Edgar Lopez Soto

Mexico City, MX – Cuban-American actor, Andy Garcia expressed his love for this country during the premiere of his latest film For Greater Glory directed by Dean Wright in which Garcia  plays the role of general Enrique Gorostieta Velarde  who, despite being an atheist, organize the rebels in their religious war against the government and finally become a Christian.

“Nobody wants a war, but when they take away the right to that basic freedom from someone, especially people who have a deep faith, it turns out there are people who are ready to die for that freedom,” said the actor/director of such projects as City Island and Oceans Eleven  at a press conference held at one of the most prestigious hotels in Mexico City.

“I believe in absolute freedom of man, I am a product of a political situation, which finally made me leave the country (Cuba),” he told the press.  “But I’m thinking that if it had not happened, maybe I would not be here.”

Garcia was accompanied by young up and coming Mexican actor Mauricio Kuri and producer Pablo Jose Barroso. The cast also includes Golden Globe winner Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), Peter O’Toole, Nestor Carbonell (The Dark Knight), Santiago Cabrera (Che), Oscar Isaac (Drive), and Ruben Blades among others.

Garcia, 56 stayed for 20 minutes on the red carpet giving interviews to the media reps. When his fans cried out his name, the actor smiled at them and raised his hand to greet them.

Although the film was shot in Mexico, its focus is international and it was done in English to be able to reach a larger audience. For Greater Glory will premiere in Mexico April 20, 2012, in the United States on June 1.
























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