10 Films of 2013 Starring Latinos

By Luis Reyes

gravity_poster.jpg.We present a list of 10 film which released in 2013 that were release and had Latino participation.

#1. Gravity –  Alfonso and Jonas Cuaron’s father son space directed and written fantasy adventure  with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is artistically and commercially the Best Picture of the year and a worldwide box-office success to the tune of $701.8 million worldwide.

#2. Instructions Not Included   Though well known in Mexico, actor/writer director Eugenio Derbez made his starring theatrical feature film debut with this sentimental, heart tugging comedy that connected with Latino audiences especially in the US to a 40 million dollar box-office take.  Derbez has proven himself with this comedy that is a clever mixture of the past films Three Men and a Baby and a classic Jerry Lewis comedy Rock a Bye Baby, perhaps Derbez will follow in the footsteps of such star/writer/ directors as Lewis and Mexico’s own legendary Cantinflas.  Made for $5 million the film has grossed $85.5 million worldwide.

#3. The Fast and The Furious 6- This powerhouse action franchise with a multi-ethnic cast that headlines Michelle Rodriguez as Letty and Jordana Brewster as Mia proved a winner at the box-office and with audiences worldwide making $788.6 million as of mid February 2014.

#4.  Machete Kills – Robert Rodriguez’s all-star combination of action, violence and sex enlisted the aid of Danny Trejo in the titular role, as well as Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Charlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Demian Bichir, Sofia Vergara,  Alexis Vega, Lady Gaga and Mel Gibson.  As of mid-February 2014 the film made $15 million worldwide.

#5 Mama  – A short film made by  young  Spanish filmmaker Andres Muschietti was turned into a theatrical feature with the aid of Guillermo Del Toro (Pacific Rim, Hellboy) who came on board as Executive Producer and helped to develop and finance the low budget feature which turned into box-office gold.  Made for $15 million it grossed $71.6 million domestically and $74.8 million in foreign ticket sales for a worldwide box office of $146.4 as of mid February 2014.

#6 Grownups 2- featured Salma Hayek reprising her starring role as Adam Sandler’s wife from Grownups in this comedy sequel.  Made for $80 million the film as of February 20th had grossed $246.9 worldwide

#7 Go For Sisters is an unusual film starring two black women with Edward James Olmos in a gravitas performance as a disgraced former LAPD detective who is hired to guides them  through the US/ Mexico  Border crime underworld in search of a missing son.  Sal Lopez, Evelina Fernandez, Jacob Vargas, Jesse Borrego and Hector Elizondo have featured roles.  Unfortunately this was a box office disappointment only making $62,000 as of February 2014.

#8. 2 Guns– Edward James Olmos does another great acting turn in a showy role as Papi Greco, a drug cartel leader opposite Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in this action hit.  Made for $61 million, the film as grossed $131.9 million worldwide.

the-counselor-poster#9. The Counselor- Any film that features a seminude scene with Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz draped with only a towel and Cameron Diaz having simulated sex with a car gets my vote as well as the fact that director Ridley Scott also hired Javier Bardem and Ruben Blades in this tired clichéd drug crime film.  In spite of its top level cast the film which was made for $25 million has only made $70.2 million worldwide.

#10. Mission Park AKA Line of Duty –  Jeremy Ray Valdez stars in the film  written and directed by Bryan Ramirez and produced by Douglas Spain (who also has a small role). This efficient crime thriller about four childhood friends who as adults wind up on opposite sides of the law was filmed and set in San Antonio Texas. It also stars Walter Perez, Fernanda Romero, and Joseph Julian Soria. Made for under a million the film has earned $54,000 at the box office.

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